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  • *steps inside*

    ~Alisa Sha walks into her brother's bar and looks around. Not recognizing many faces at all she walks to a table at the back and sits down. As the service droid comes by with her brandy, she smiles at the wonders of programming and then takes a drink.~

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    Xavier walks into the bar rather slowly, his trenchcoat flapping behind him slightly, revealing the saber hooked to his belt. The young Sith glances around rather slowly, running his hand back through his longe blonde hair.


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      ~Her attention was drawn to a man with long blonde hair who stood at the entrance. Not knowing who he was, Alisa lowered her gaze back down to the table, seemingly studying every crease as she found herself lost in thought.~


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        Xavier walks to the bar slowly, ordering a Corellian Ale. He picks up the glass and takes a sip, looking around slowly as he turned around, leaning back against the bar. His ice blue eyes falling on Alisa. He smiles a little and makes his way over to her.


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          ~Alisa is brought out of her trance-like state as the blonde haired man approached her. She looked up at him with a smile as he stopped at her table.~

          "Hi there. Have we met before?"


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            He smiles and shakes his head. "I do not believe so. I am Xavier.. Xavier Sadow." He bows slightly to her.


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              "Hello Xavier. It's nice to meet you. I am Alisa Sha."

              ~She smiles back at him and motions to a chair across from her.~

              "Would you care to join me? I don't seem to know many at the Empire any more..."


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                Xavier smiles and nods his thanks as he sits down and takes a long drink of the ale. "So Alisa.. how long have you been here?"


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                  ~She watches him sit down and then takes a drink of her brandy before responding.~

                  "Actually I started here quite a while back and just as my training with Master Shadowtide was coming along, I had to leave for a personal journey. I now study with Raine Sarin at the direction of Master Shadowtide herself. What about you?"


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                    He smiles again and takes a long drink of the ale, finishing it off before setting the glass down on the table. "I've only been here for a little while.. not very long at all. I am studying under Master Vega at the moment."


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                      ~Alisa nods in understanding and then looks down at her glass as her finger traces around the top.~

                      "Aside from knowing my brother Rama and a few assorted relatives and friends, I feel rather new to the Empire myself again. It's just so hard to meet people. Everyone is so busy."


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                        Xavier smiles to her and nods slowly in agreement. "You're really one of the only people I've actually sat and talked with for this long since I've been here."


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                          ~Alisa's eyes meet his.~

                          "Really? I'm sorry to hear that. Well, you can always talk to me if I'm around, Xavier. I'll be the one back here at the table by myself."

                          ~She laughs lightly.~


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                            Xavier chuckles quietly as his eyes stay locked on her's. "Oh? You have that much time on your hands?" He smiles again.


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                              ~She held his gaze for as long as she could before she had to look away. She took another sip of her drink before attempting to change the subject.~

                              "Actually, I probably should attend to my training. I'm sure that I am rusty after being gone so long and Master Raine has been patient with me but I doubt he will be that forgiving for long. How has your training been going?"