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  • Becoming reaqquainted

    Sith Lord Van-Derveld sat down at his usual table in Rama's Corner and flagged down a service droid, pre-ordering some drinks - a JD for himself, and a selection of fruit juices for the two who would be joining him. As he leant back in his chair he sighed and looked at the three empty seats across from him.

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    Darius entered slowly and looked around for someone that he knew. Seeing his father, he moved to the table and sat down across from him. Staring at him, never blinking, Darius spoke softly.

    "Greetings, father."


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      Entering almost immediately after Darius, Galatea walked in. Her hands in her pockets, she checked the place slowly at first then spotted her father with Darius. She bit her lower lip as she saw her red-head brother. Then walking silently towards them, she lowered her gaze. Taking her seat next to Darius on her own, she mumbled.

      "Hello, father .."


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        Vega nodded lightly and smiled to both Darius and Galatea.

        "Hello, you two. Seems your brother is a bit late."

        He glanced up at the clock and shook his head slightly.

        "Would you like to get something to eat or a drink now? No harm in starting without him."


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          Sitting way of from the 3 Van-Dervelds i watched Daruis walk is way in, he chuckeld evily to myself giving a long side smile directly after, i sat and sipped my fruit juice watching every move the boy made, it was only that Vega was a close friend that i would not attack Darius here and now.

          I watched silently.


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            "I, umm ... I'm not hungry. You guys can eat first."

            Galatea tried to avoid her brother's glance, running her gloved hand nervously through her brownish hair. Then, she changed her mind.

            "Then again, I'll just order a glass of water."