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Returning to the bar

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  • Returning to the bar

    [i]Jezebella had been away for some time and was now glad to be back. She waved over a bar droid and ordered her usual red wine. She passed her golden brownish gaze over the room and sighed. She brushed her long brown hair over her shoulder and lifted her glass,once again looking over the room<i/>

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    The dark figure of the Sith Lord, rose from his table in the corner, when he wasn't leaning against a pillar in the council room he was here, the same purpose though, to observe his fellow members. This woman though, he not seen before and she was alone. He moved over towards her, while she was alone he would take the oppertunity to find out a little about her. DarkStar moved up to the table and bowed.

    "Good you mind if I take a seat?"

    He asked in his soft voice


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      [i]Jezebella looked up and nodded slowly. She,herself,had not seen this Sith Lord around before and was a little bit curious. She waved her hand toward and empty seat and then leaned back in her own,taking a light sip of her wine<i/>

      "Please do."


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        DarkStar bowed low and took the seat, calling the droid over he smiled.

        "Thank you my dear,"

        He looked up at the droid, which istantly registered who he was and moved off to get his usual order, water, nothing more, nothing less.

        "I have not seen you around here before, tell me, who are you?"


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          "Hmm..I've earned a nic name of Razielle's little sister..but then again you might not know her. So Jez or Jezebella will do,yourself?"

          [i]Jez smiled and watched the stranger intently<i/>


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            DarkStar furrowed his brow,

            "I'm afriad the name Razielle is unknown to me...I am called DarkStar, though for a long time I was known as Dagger."

            He sighed and looked Jez in the eyes. His cold greens eyes seemed to shimmer, as though with a pale green fire, just for a moment. Then it was gone.

            "Tell me Jez, how came you to be here?"


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              "Well. I heard of it from my sister. I had already known alot of people here and so I decided to give up bounty hunting and join the empire. Yourself?"

              [i]Jez leaned forward with interest and grinned<i/>


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                DarkStar smiled,

                "My story starts along time ago...600 years ago actually, so I will not bore you with it. To come here though,"

                He paused,

                "My last group put me to death for some imagined treason, when I resurected myself, with a little help I came here. Leaving most of my assassin ways behind me,"

                DarkStar looked into his empty glass and called the droid over to refill it. After a moment he spoke again.

                "Who is your master?"


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                  [i]Jezebella nodded curtly to his story and awaited him to finish. After the mentioning of her master she paused and then replied<i/>

                  "Lady Athena trains me."


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                    DarkStar digested this information, he did not know Athena, but he knew off her.

                    "I see,"

                    He said after a long moment, there was another long pause which seemed to stretch into eternity, time after all was nothing to the Sith Lord,

                    "You know part of my story, may I hear yours?"


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                      "When I was little my planet was destroyed,or so I am told. I was dropped off at a space station and I worked as a Bounty Hunter there until I heard of this place. There is not really anything interesting about me."

                      [i]Jez sighed and glanced over her shoulder and then back to DarkStar<i/>


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                        DarkStar glances over her shoulder as well. Wondering what she was looking at. He saw nothing so looked at her again.

                        "Do you know what your planet was called my dear? There is very little that has happened over the years that i do no know about in this galaxy. Perhaps I can tell you more about yourself than you can tell me,"


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                          "Dovora. I am really not sure you would know about it.....being it wasn't very well known."

                          [i]Jezebella let out a long sigh and sipped on her wine again<i/>


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                            DarkStar leaned back in his chair, the name rung a distant bell. He dredged his vast memory for the name, it took him a few moments, in which his eyes took on a glazed look, then he smiled.

                            "I remember it, I stayed there some years ago. I was saddened to hear of its destruction, I like it there and I liked its people,"

                            He seemed lost in thought for a moment longer,

                            "I have pictures, if you wish to see your homeworld. Just tell me and I will be happy to give them to you,"


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                              It had been a long time indeed since Razielle had been to Rama's. The memory of the placed filled her her mind with myriad of feelings, most of them happy. Only the last were sad, those of her leaving TSE and many friends behind.

                              Upon entering her senses were immediately drawn to the young girl sitting at the bar, apparently conversing with a Sith Lord. Razielle smiled, only momentarily as the words Davora.. and destruction floated to her ears. The annihilation of her homeworld was as fresh in her mind this day, as ever. It brought pain to her, the pain of loosing everything, her parents, her kingdom and her whole life. Coldness swept through her and with it a tremor in the force that alerted her kid sister, Jezebella to her presence.

                              "Hello sister... fancy seeing you in a bar..."

                              Approaching and taking a seat on Jez's opposite side she excused herself to the unknown Sith Lord.

                              "Pardon the intrusion, I am Razielle...."