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    Agatha was laying facedown on the rafters, looking down on everybody. A slow and easy smile spread across her face as she watched them chatter away. It was amusing to watch their facial expressions change along with the pitch and tone of their voice. She sighed, glad that the shadows concealed her appearance. What the people's reaction would be if they found out they were being observed were unknown to her.

    Still, despite the dangers, she loved watching specimens ... maybe because she wasn't one. Instead, she was a genetically engineered cyborg, designed purely for experimental research. Her arm still bore the faded barcode, 117826.

    Her silver-blue eyes darted left and right, trying to absorb everything. She had heard bits of fragments and phrases from conversations, such as "anger" and "I became an apprentice". She really didn't know what these things meant, but she knew that if she stayed she would soon find out.

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    From where he was sitting in the bar, Dasquian could feel it. It wasn't a presence like those of the Sith or the few Jedi that frequented Rama's, it was something more ... mechanical. He stared up into the dark shadows and caught a faint glint of blue.

    He rose his drink to his lips and sipped on it studiously, speaking out with the Force in a cheery voice, the statement directed up into the rafters.

    "Hello up there."


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      Agatha was still studying the chattering people when she heard a voice in her head. Startled, she skimmed the crowd, looking for anybody who had noticed her. Her eyes rested on a man who looked straight up at her. Obviously her disguise didn't work too well. Deciding it was time to come down anyways, she landed with a flip and hit the ground in a graceful crouch. She rose from her cat-like position and stood before the man, his face making yet another imprint in her mind.



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        "Greetings, miss."

        Dasquian gestured down to the seat by his and offered the woman a light smile.

        "Would you care to sit down? I can assure you the seats here are more comfortable than the beams up there."


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          Osyris sits in the corner of the bar, his face hidden by the hood of his cloak. His presence can be felt by the force users in the room though it's not that of a Sith. It's more that of a Jedi except.. well dark is the right word for it. He crosses his arms over his chest after waving away a droid.


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            Agatha smiled - a movement she learned by observing her Creator - and pulled out the chair the man gestured to. Sitting down, she tilted her head to the side while watching the man. Clearly she was not one of many words.


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              "I'm Dasquian, pleased to meet you."

              He held out his hand in an offer of greeting, still smiling.

              "What's your name?"


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                In a swift, fluid motion, she reached out and grasped his hand firmly. Shaking it, like she had seen others do, she released his hand and let hers drop to her side.

                "My name is 117826, but you may call me Agatha."


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                  He had indeed been right in his assumptions that she was mechanical, presumably an android of some sort by the looks of it.

                  "It's very nice to meet you Agatha. Tell me, what brings you to this Sith bar, Agatha?"


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                    Agatha blinked and then practiced one of her smiles again.

                    "To observe others, of course. Isn't that what everyone else does?"


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                      "Yes, that is what I'm doing here also."

                      He would have stated his occupation, yet he thought it not wise in such a location.

                      "Do you come here very often to watch the darksiders?"


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                        "No, I'm afraid this is my first time."

                        She tilted her head to the side slightly, eyeing him curiously.

                        "What do you mean by 'Darksiders'?"


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                          "The people who patron this bar are mostly Sith... the dark force within the galaxy."


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                            "Are you a Sith, then?"


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                              "Certainly not!"

                              Dasquian almost blurted his words out loudly, but kept them relatively quiet as to not stir up too much disturbance.