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Past failures, future scars

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  • Past failures, future scars

    Greg sat alone, drifting from one thought to another. He was high beyond belief, thanks to his everlasting supply of glitterstim. Working for Hawke had it's advantages. Slowly, with effort, he rolled his sleeve up to his bicep and traced the thin scar that was fading. Methodically he unsheathed his knife and brought it to the head of the scar. Very slowly he sliced down, retracing it as an artist would a pencil line. When it was finished he smiled. There would be no forgetting his failures. He pulled the sleeve of his shirt down hardly aware of the blood seeping through. It was an action as familiar to him as breathing. Every year on this day was the same. It was an escape.

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    "That can't be good for you."

    Vega sat at his usual table, head buried in his usual book, usual drink in hand - ready to be sipped upon.

    "Whatever gets you going though, I guess."


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      The voice sounded far away, as if coming from the end of a long tunnel. Greg was confused. He wasn't his sharpest after a night of 'old friends'. "What's not good? The stim or the knife? Either one you get used to."


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        "Yes but the pain could help, whereas the stim could not."

        ::The Sith Warrior walked towards the young man as he spoke::


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          "The stim is simply for my enjoyment, addiction, whatever you want to call it. It's a habit I have yet to kick." Greg declared, before slumping his head, which had suddenly become very heavy, in his hands and taking out another vile of stim.


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            Vega shook his head slowly and clenched his hand into a fist, knocking it against Greg's chin to tilt the Disciples head backwards. He rose up out of his seat slightly and stared down into the Sith's partially glazed eyes.

            "... Kick the habit, then."

            He smiled snakishly and snatched away to the stim, sitting back down.


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              ::Yurza watched the events closely. He knew what happened to those that opposed a Sith Lord and Yurza was excited to see what he had so long avoided. Yurza leaned to the younbg man's ear and whispered a deadly sound into it::

              "You might want to take his would be ashame to have another in the already over flowing med-bay."


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                Greg's hand went to his ear. The stim heightened his senses yet slowed his thinking. It was an odd sensation that he had become intimately acquainted with. "I can't kick it...I need it. I just took a little too much tonight. I won't take so much next time." he said dryly.


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                  ::Yurza looked at the vile in Vega's grip and smiled::

                  "I don't think you'll be taking it anytime soon...."


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                    "It's not like that's all I have." Greg managed with difficulty,"I'm never low on's very easy to get. Blake looks out for me."


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                      "And who is Blake?"

                      Vega smirked and eyed the item he'd just taken from Greg with a certain amount of curiousity.


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                        Greg stared blankly for a moment. "Wait...give me a sec....oh yeah! I work for her. Or did. I'm not sure which." he fumbled around in his pockets looking for another vile. "She's not very happy with me right now." he whispered loudly.


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                          "Why not?"


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                            "That's what I don't know. I never did anything to her... I'm perfectly innocent." Greg eyed the vile in Vega's hand. His search for more spice had proved fruitless.


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                              A slightly worrying smile curved on Vega's thin lips.

                              "Then if you are totally innocent, why is this Blake so annoying with you?"

                              He glanced down at the vile in his palm.

                              "Perhaps you should give her a visit, straighten things out," he said with a fairly obvious macabre undertone.