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Fear of Being Alone

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  • Fear of Being Alone

    **She sat in one of the shrouded corner booths of the bar. One that was oddly, rarely used. She just sat there staring at all the people. The different people, all of them, the small, the large, the strong, the meak, so many different races. Some were happy, or as happy as one could be for being a Sith. Others were solemn and great. Yet still others were outgoing and crazy, and then there was Sakura herself. She had no family and she had drifted away from her own friends. It was her fault. And now she was back at TSE, the feeling of not belonging, the ugly face of rejection was beginning to appear again. And yet, she knew this wasn't even happening at all, deep down she knew she shouldn't feel the way she did, not one bit.**

    **Sukura snarled and flung her taloned hand out at the goblet on the table. It contained a thin crimson liquid. The goblet flew off the table and smashed onto the floor with a bang, it shattered everywhere and the liquid sizzled on the floor. The bar went quiet and everyone looked at her, they were all confused, shocked and some even dissapointed. She didn't care though. They could stare all they liked**

    Why can't I shake this feeling!! **She thought to herself**

    **She huddled in the booth, hugging her knees close to her chest, shaking slightly**

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    OOC: Don't mean to but in.......but i love the quote in your sig.


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      ((OOC: I know, eh? That quote 0wnz ***.... o.O <img src= ALT=""> ))