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Something about her eyes.

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  • Something about her eyes.

    Khaliqua sighed deeply as she sat back in her chair. Her drink half empty, half full has been sitting there untouched for quite a while. She tilted her head to the side, her bright brown hair following the motion of her head. She was admiring everyone, or, to be more specific, she was admiring everyone's eyes. All had a beautiful twin pair of eyes, but she was different. Her right eye was brownish orange, and her left was blue.

    "Boy ..."

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    Osyris enters the bar slowly, his arms hung loosely at his side. He glances around slowly as he moves to the back of the room and sits down, leaning his chair back against the wall, then propping his feet upon the table, his right ankle crossing over his left.


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      *A soft chuckle was heard to the right of the young woman. As she looked over she noticed a wiry figure smirking under his hood, the aura of darkness around him easily told he was a Sith. He leaned forward and let the hood of his cloak fall to his shoulders, revealing his eyes to her: one a deathly cold grey, the other a fire-like orange.*

      "At least you do not have horns as well, Miss Van Derveld."


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        "... Or fangs."

        A new pair of eyes entertained Khaliqua - cyan in colour with thin slits for pupils, much like those animals. They stared with an intent lust, almost giving off a cold glow.


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          Khaliqua blinked slighty in confusion before she noticed the man's eyes. They were different like hers ... She smiled gently and nodded in greeting as her brother came in. She looked towards Vega, sighing.

          "Well, maybe if I did, dear Vega, I wouldn't feel so useless around here ..."


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            "My fangs give me a use now?"

            Vega snorted.

            "I think not!"


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              *Raine chuckled quietly at Vega's comment.*

              "Why do you care if you are different anyway? If everyone was the same the universe would be dreadfully boring."

              *He smirked and took a sip of a green drink that sat in front of him*

              "Besides, it would make finding your enemy harder. Would be a shame if you had to kill everyone just to make sure that the one was dead, right Vega?"

              *The last comment came out with a slightly sarcastic tone and once again brought a smirk to the Sith Lord's face*


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                Khaliqua nodded, running her hands through her hair.

                "I guess you're right, my Lord." She muttered, addressing to Raine. But she sighed deeply, looking up at the ceiling.

                "But I called myself useless, not because I don't have fangs, but because I can't do anything around here. I'm not a warrior like you two ... I'm just an ex-waitress."


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                  *Raine shrugged slightly, taking another drink from the glass in front of him*

                  "Well there are two things you can do about it. One, sit a mope about it, feeling sorry for yourself until you hurl yourself into a bottomless pit of despair. Or two, get over it, get out into the universe, and do something about it. Make a use out of uselessness. One does not have to be a warrior to have a purpose."

                  *He leaned back in his chair and chuckled slightly, an evil tone to the laugh*

                  "You can always look on the bright side, you have a real family, unlike some I know"