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  • A drink...

    ... For the hell of drinking. Athena made her way into the bar and took a seat upon a bar seat. She twisted the seat as she sat. Rather unamused she looked at the driod whom brought over her glass of red wine.

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    Daegal moved from his seat in the back toward the bar. He had ignored her earlier when he had been deep in thought wandering HQ and he felt bad for it. He sat next to her and smiled.

    "I apologize for earlier, I was too deep in thought. Let me buy pay for your drink, please."


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      :: Athena smiled as she heard Deagals words. ::

      That my friend is not needed. Although I would love it to get to know you better. Even though I am a Knight I dont know many of the people here at the Empire.


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        Smiling, Daegal nodded to a service droid at the bar who brought him a vodka.

        "Gaining allies and getting to know people better is always a good thing. I would take great pleasure in getting to know you, Athena."


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          Athena thought for a moment. Now what all would she tell him? She had nothing really other then her fights and her training with Master Shadowtide. And her training of her own appretnice.

          " So tell me something about yourself Daegal.. "


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            Sighing, Daegal sipped his drink. So many people had been asking him of himself lately, but he had so little information to give. He set his glass on the table and looked around.

            "There really is not much to tell. I am from a poor family on a small planet. I came to the Empire to realize my full potential and I have trained under Master Shadowtide to the rank of Warrior."


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              Athena heard the sigh and then almost was second thinking her question. Maybe she had upset the warrior.

              " warrior ..... Interesting ...I came from a lightside family. I was taken when I was little and given to a darksider and his wife. When I was 16 I killed my father and mother. I took off and started training with a great master. Until she had to depart. She left me a holo message and told me to seek out Dara Shadowtide. I have done so and I sit here with you at the rank of Knight. "


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                Ahhh, I love that story...


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                  Athena looked over her shoulder and smiled.

                  " you would... care to join us Tall, dark, and deadly? "

                  Athena looked at Daegal..

                  " Do you know Sith Lord Phantom? "


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                    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide enters the bar and smiles as she sees two of her apprentices seated and Phantom standing beside their table. She walks over and greets them all ::

                    "Hello everyone. How are you this evening?"


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                      Nodding toward Phantom. Rubbing the back of his head, Daegal laughed.

                      "Yes, we have been acquainted."

                      Daegal turns and sees his Master standing at their table.

                      "Greetings, my Master. How are you this evening?"


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                        Athena looked back from Phantom and at her Master whom had joined them all at the bar...

                        " Greeting Master Shadowtide, care to join us all? "


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                          :: Dara smiles and nods to Daegal and Athena ::

                          "I am doing well, thank you. And certainly, I would be glad to join you."

                          :: The service droid, upon seeing Dara take a seat, whizzes over with her customary glass of white wine and she takes a long sip ::


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                            Athena looked over at Phantom who seemed to be lost in thought. Athena then smiled as her Master took a seat.

                            " You know Master, when the driods dont have to ask what you would like. That mean you drink here to often. Im sure they dont ask Vega anymore either. "

                            Athena's comment was playful and sure to get a reaction from her Master.