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  • Red.

    Eve sighed as she entered Rama's and sat at the counter. Looking up at the barman, she rested her elbow on the wood counter and leaned her cheek on her hand.

    "Something light ..."

    Eve didn't had anything in mind. She was tired. Sick. Tired and sick. Of what ? Of everything. She sighed again, looking boredly at random bottles of wine behind the barman.

    "How are you, my dear ?" He asked.

    "Good, good. How's the work ?" She replied, almost muttering.

    "Very good, like always, ma'am. Now tell me, what's gotten you so down ?"

    She sighed deeply. "Everything."

    "Be more specific, please ?" He asked, but hesitant.


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    Osyris sits in the back of the bar, his hood down over his face covering most of it in a shadow. Any Sith in the bar would be able to tell he was not one of them.. though the aura he gave off wasn't exactly Jedi either. He waves off a service droid that comes over to him and sighs quietly, resting his forearms on the table.


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      "Love ? Ah, such complicated subject, my dear. Why don't you take this and forget about it."

      "I don't think I ever will ..."

      But Eve too the drink he handed to her anyways. She took a small sip at first. It was light, very light ... Almost no taste, yet it kind of gave her a dizzyness. She shook her head, and nodded to the barman who went to greet others.

      She took another sip as she looked over her shoulder, noticing an unusual man sitting over there. Not a Sith, not quite a Jedi, possibly something in between. But she shrugged. She didn't like anyone butting in her business and she didn't like butting into anyone's business either.


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        A voice came from the left as a tall figure sat down by Eve.

        "Why the sudden want for companionship, sister?"


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          Eve gasped slightly, startled, but calmed down as she recognized Vega, her blood brother. She put her hand gently above her chest to help her calm herself down, looking at him.

          "Who said I wanted that ?"


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            "I'm quite sure I just heard you lamenting over love, Eve, or perhaps I misheard?"


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              "Of course you did, dear Vega. Remember me ? Eve Siren ? No love for me."

              She smiled, and chuckled slightly as she closed her eyes, taking another sip of her drink.


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                "Hello, Lady Eve. Long time no see."

                <Syren had walked up behind Eve and now stood next to her, smiling. She had heard Eve's last words to Vega and tilted her head to the side slightly.>

                "... Is something bothering you?"


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                  Eve looked to the side and discovered. She found Syren ... She smiled gently and motionned for her friend to sit down. When Syren asked her if something was bothering her, she forced a little laugh and a large grin.

                  "Of course not ! You know me ! Nothing never bothers me !"


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                    <Syren took out a chair across from Eve and sat down, laughing softly at her remark.>

                    "In that case, I take it that all is well?"


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                      "Always, Syren. Always ..."

                      Eve finished her drink and smiled. Then she blinked slightly, seeming to have forgotten something.

                      "Oh, Vega, this is Syren ... I knew back then in DK ... And Syren, this is Vega, Sith Lord of this Empire, my blood brother."


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                        <Syren glanced over at the man that was sitting with Eve and nodded politely.>

                        "Nice to finally meet you, Lord Vega. I've heard alot about you."


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                          "A pleasure," he said in a slighty snide sounding tone, canting his head as he nodded with a smile at Syren.


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                            The bartender came back to take orders of the two new customers next to Eve, and refilled her drink with the same transparent liquid.

                            "So then, ma'am, is this good enough ?"

                            "Very good, thank you." She muttered to the man.

                            "Good enough to drown your sorrow ?"

                            Eve blinked at the barman's remark and turned her gaze away, pretending not to have heard that. What sorrow ? Oh, of course, the love part. Ever since Zach, Eve had never really worried about men before. She even promised herself that she would die alone, with no men besides her. She looked back at the barman. He seemed to be waiting for an answer.

                            "No ... Give me something harder."