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The Joy Of A Drink

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  • The Joy Of A Drink

    He sat slightly slumped over in a booth, a half empty bottle of Killian's Red sitting on the table. A finger slowly ran along the table, tracing the small outlines in it. A small smile came across his lips as he thought to himself.

    Heh ... another night of no company ...

    He grasped the bottle and took another long sip.

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    Belial was sitting at an empty table away from the others, her head resting against her cheek while she stared out into empty space. It had been another day like all the rest; a drag. She sighed slightly and looked down into her glass of vodka, wondering if anything interesting was going to happen.


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      He cocked his head a bit, eyeing Belial out of the corner of his eye. Shifting out of the booth, and grabbing his bottle of Killian's Red loosely in his hand, he walked towards her.

      "Mind if I have a seat?"


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        Belial looked up at the approaching stranger, watching him as he weaved his way through the several tables. She was expecting him to go to the bar counter to order another drink, so she was slightly surprised when he stopped infront of her table. However, she didn't let it show, of course. Showing one's emotions was a sign of weakness, which others easily took advantage of.

        "No, I don't mind..."


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          A small hint of a smile came onto his face as he pulled out the chair across from her an slowly sat down, sitting his bottle on the table-top.

          "Forgive me for my asking, but may I ask your name? I haven't seen you around the Empire much."


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            "You may call me MadHatter, if you will."

            Belial really didn't like being called by her real name by others, with the exception of what she considered, Superiors. This was only the second time she had been to the bar. A slight smile appeared on her face, remembering the events that took place her first time here. It quickly disappeared as soon as she spoke.

            "And you are?"


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              He gave a small bow towards MadHatter, and introduced himself.

              "I am known to many as Phantom Magus. But you can call me whatever you wish."


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                She nodded politely to Magus when he introduced himself.

                "So tell me, Sir Magus, what brings you here?"


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                  His eyes darkened a bit, his voice lowering to a soft, raspy whisper.

                  "To find the murderers of my parents..."


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                    An insane, evil grin spread across her face while her eyes glinted.

                    "Aren't we all killers?"

                    She didn't speak her thought which randomly ran through her head, not wanting to anger him.

                    If the murderers are parents and he manages to kill them, the children will be left to fend for themselves. They'll probably join the Sith Ranks in order to use their anger, hate and sorrow to aid them in their search for him... It would mean more powerful Siths in the never-ending battle between the Darkside and the Lightside.

                    Belial had always thought different from others. Somebody else would probably sympathize or try to comfort him. Here she remained silent, hoping that one day his quest for revenge would be fulfilled - for the good of the Empire.


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                      His eyes softened slightly as he rested his head in his hands, gazing down at the table.

                      "Right in front of my eyes, too ... my father's lifeless eyes gazing at the ceiling ... my mother's battered and broken body laying heaped against a wall in a pool of blood ... and little me ... standing helpless inbetween them ... "

                      His voice fades quietly, anger radiating from him through the Force.


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                        Belial could feel herself crying out to try and comfort him on the inside, but she ignored it. She casted her eyes down to the table, away from Magus so she wouldn't have to see his distress. Many a time she had witnessed murders...

                        "... Everything has a price, especially Life."


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                          "But the only time it hurts ... is when it's someone close to you and in front of your eyes ... "


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                            "Everything happens for a reason."


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                              His eyes flashed a dark red glow suddenly, his anger flaring up again as another thought came into his head. "No, don't start in here. Use it somewhere else.", he thought to himself, calming back down, his eyes returning to their normal color.

                              "Yes, I know .."