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Evening Constitutional.

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  • Evening Constitutional.

    ::Etanial strolled lazily into the bar and yawned, as he glanced down to his time piece to check the time. He found an empty booth, not hard considering the late hour, and stretched out to relax::

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    *It had been a rather slow evening, his training had been quiet and without event, and likewise, had been his time resting in the bar since. Taking a sip of his water, MnT looked up in time to see someone stroll in, someone whom he had not seen in quite some time.*

    ... Hmm.. let's see if he notices..

    *As he sat in amongst the shadows of his own table, adorned in his usual black Trenchcoat, tank, cargos, and boots, MnT planted a suggestion into Xanatos' mind through the force. It was nothing fancy, just the matter of making a single table stick out in his mind.*

    *Tilting his head slightly down so his hair cast his face into shadow, MnT watched as the man walked over, and sat down at the table directly across from his, almost directly facing him. Now to see how good his memory was.. Without movement, MnT looked X straight in the eyes, and spoke..*

    ... Hey..


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      ::Xanatos yawned::

      Next time you want to say "hey" just do, I don't need someone planting thoughts in my head. Remember I've been around a damn long time, I know most of the tricks.

      It's been a while Miryan.


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        *MnT could not help but chuckle lightly at the words, he knew what Xanatos said to be true enough, so the man had more than passed his little "test"..*

        ... That it has, Sir Etanial.. How have you been?


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          I've been better as of late, thank you for asking.

          ::Motions to the server droid to bring him a drink::

          And yourself?


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            ... I myself have been better, but with any luck that will change soon..

            *A quick tilt back of his head indicated the lack of the broadsword that was as much a part of MnT, as his arms and legs.*

            ... As I'll be undergoing a mission to retrieve my sword from it's current demonic possessors.. Aside from that particular loss, I'm quite alright though..

            *Tilting a glass of water back into his mouth, he drained it of it's contents, before setting it down again in the same condensation-ringed spot it had been before, and continuing..*

            ... I've heard that you've come back here to TSE, and are under Lord Vega's apprenticeship no less... I trust there's truth behind the rumor?


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              Quite a bit of truth actually.

              I have returned, and I am under the training of Lord Vega.

              I am also again at my rank of Warrior, though I hope that will change soon.

              I sympathise with your loss. It's happened to me in the past myself.

              ::Etanial reached back and patted the sith blade which sat in its sheath against his back with a smile::

              Though I do hope yours will return to you safe and well. Mine had to be reforged.


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                *MnT smiled lightly, not from word of Xanatos' sword, but from the fact that he was indeed a member once more..*

                ... Well then I wish you the best of luck in your time here, and hope to witness your promotions as they come.. As for my sword though..-

                *A soft chuckle broke through into MnT's voice as he spoke, although it sounded more like it was attempting to make his comment more light-hearted than displaying any touch of humor..*

                -.. I doubt the diety who forged it originally would be too willing to recreate it for me, if I've lost the original..