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  • *Essential relaxation*

    *Thunder rattled the walls of the bar, echoed in turn by the continual battering the building was taking from the heavy downpour. It was an incredible storm for those who enjoyed them, and a terrible fright for those who did not. Suddenly the doors flew open, yet no hand was there to have pushed them. Moments passed, before Sith Lord Miryan no Trunks walked through, completely drenched from the rain. His long black hair clung to the sides of his face, as his equally colored tanktop and cargo pants clung to the rest of his form.*

    *Walking in, MnT called out to one of the service droids to bring him a towel or two, and a pitcher of ice water. After all, it may have been raining out there, but it did not mean the rain was fit to drink..*

    *Turning away his attention as the droid left to fulfill his request, the teen then walked over towards his usual table, somewhat out of the way and off into the shadows of the back of the bar, and sat down..*

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    **Sukura stepped into the bar a few minutes behind MnT, she was soaked to the bone. Her red hair dripping with the cold rain and splattering silently to the floor. She smiled at the relief of being inside and closed the door behind her, pulling off her black cloak and looking around for MnT, she hadn't talked to him in so long and longed to see a farmiler face. She slowly strode up to him. As she came to his table she gave him one of her famous grins.**

    Miryan no Trunks...alas a forgotten figure I lay thine eyes upon.

    **Her grin faded just a bit as she dropped the act and poked at him**

    How be you on this magnificantly rainy day..?


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      *Brushing the towel back and forth through his hair, MnT had been busy drying off, so had not even noticed when Sukura had come in. However, upon her arrival at his table, he looked up, a wide smile broadening across his face.*

      *As her expression took into one of the grins that so often shone on her face, MnT dropped his head and shoulders in as much of a bow as he could manage sitting down, whilst a chair beside her shot out from under the table.*

      ... Lady Sukura, it's great to see you again. If you wish to, please sit. I myself am quite well.. I've just come in for a bit of rest, I was out training.. And I agree, this storm is quite exquisite.. But enough, how have you been? It has been some time.

      edit: added a bit.


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        It had indeed been quite a spectacle, the storm. One of the few times that mother nature could show how spiteful a mother she could be. It was incredable. For an event so wonderful, who would want to be in-doors? Not Tempist, he was sitting on the roof watching the lightning dance from tower to tower, hitting on tree's as well. He let out a long sigh, finding happiness in the midst of nature's fury. Below, he noticed a familiar figgure walk into the bar... not the figgure, the force signature was familiar... very familiar... it was his master, Miryan. Tempist rarely saw him now-a-days, this was as good a time as any to say hello. Tempist opened a skylight window next to him, and droped in, closing it on his way. He landed on a rafter, gracefuly and silently. He sent out a force message to Miryan, not wanting to indrude if it was not his place.

        Good evening master, may I join you?


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          *In the midst of speaking to Sukura, a slight squeak from the roof, as well as a sudden increase in the volume of the storm, indicated that someone had just entered through one of the skylights. This was only proven by the sudden presence of one of MnT's apprentices, Tempist, above them on the rafters.*

          *He did not even look up, but instead continued what he was saying, when Tempist's voice weaved into his head, and was met with a reply in the affirmative*

          " ... Of course, Tempist, it has been some time.."


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            Tempist lowered himself down from teh rafters, and landed several feet from MnT and Suki. He smiled, and bowed slightly to the two of them.

            ".....and how are you on this fine evening?"


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              In her corner, Lara saw MnT, a shapeshifter and a woman sit together at a table. She bit her lower lip and lowered her head. Running her fingertip of her half-empty glass of JD, she stared at the counter and sighed. There was nothing left to do.


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                *As the conversation continued, MnT could sense something like despair coming from one of the figures in the room. This was normal enough for the bar, but what grabbed his attention was whom it was coming from.*

                ... Lara..

                *Without visibly retracting his attention from the group he sat with, MnT opened his mind, and sent a psychic stream of thought across the room, where it wove into her own..*

                " ... Lady Lee, it has been some time, it is great to see you again. How have you been? All you alright?"


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                  Lara had received Mnt's message, and remained silent for a long while before responding. Her eyes gazed back at the Sith Lord as she sent her message, through the Force.

                  Very good, just a bit weak. It is good to see you too, my Kni--, I mean, my Lord.

                  Her eyes looked back down almost immediately as she put her elbow on the counter and rest her cheek against her hand.


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                    **Sukura who had been idle for a few moments, came out of her state of "zoning-ness" (or whatever) and quickly replied to MnT**

                    Oh...I'm okay, I've been gone for so long and so much has changed. I never really belonged here to begin with, but I came back at the request of a close friend...

                    **Here she paused and smiled gently and nodded to Tempist. As she turned her gaze towards Lara she could see the despair in the younge lady's face.**

                    Hello Lady Lara, My name is Sukura pleasure to meet you..

                    **Sukukra gave her one of her crazy grins**


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                      Lara replied with a nod, lowering her gaze gently, feeling slightly uncomfortable due to the fact that people around the Empire were getting to know her more. She was no Sith, no Jedi or Bounty Hunter ... She was simply Lara. Most people couldn't understand that ... That being the reason why she wasn't very open.


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                        " ... Weak? Are you ill?"

                        *The attention he was spending to send the message was almost interrupted not by the words towards him, but by Suki then turning and speaking to Lara. How did she know of Lady Lee? Well, it was not his place to question, he had been gone for months, she would have met others in that time. Naturally word of her would have gotten around.*

                        ... Ahh yes, I understand fully what it feels like to leave for a long time, and come back to change.. However, I myself have had to deal with it Twice..

                        *Strange though, was that Lady Lee seemed just as uncomfortable around others as she had been when he first met her. Well, perhaps that was an exaggeration, after all, she Was here in the bar..*


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                          "I guess we can say that ..."

                          Lara sighed deeply as she tried to avoid the woman's gaze on her, trying to look away. She bit her lower lip gently. She had wanted to talk to MnT in private, but the place was too much crowded. And there were people she didn't know who knew her.

                          "I'm, umm ... I'm sorry, I must go. If you'll excuse me."

                          Without waiting for a response, she walked pass through Sukura, and only glanced at MnT as she stepped outside. She sighed again as rain splattered all over her clothes.

                          "This must be my bad day ..."


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                            *Nodding lightly as Lara stood and started for the door, MnT took a sip of his water, and sent one more message to her, just as she left..*

                            " ... Lady Lee, if it's of no trouble, I'd like to speak with you later on? Where might I be able to find you?"

                            OOC: Oh, and there's been a major storm happening right since the beginning of this =)


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                              **Sukura blinked and frowned, she didn't know Lara well at all, she was only trying to be polite and perhaps make another friend. Sukura turned away and gazed at the blank black wall, slightly hurt and offended by the reaction of Lara. But she pushed it back, knowing it wouldn't be the first time she was going to feel rejection. Suki knew she musn't feel that way, but she couldn't help it, it was so hard feeling so alone when she wasn't. So pushing back the feeling of rejection she turned towards MnT with a smile**

                              You know her..? **Suki delivered one of her crazy grins** ^^"

                              **Sukura turned her head to one side, waiting for MnT to reply**