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  • A drink

    ::Enters the noisy and crowded bar, removing her cloak and looking around. She sees many she knows. She sees Bio.

    (I wonder if he'll speak to me.)

    Sighing slightly, she takes a seat at the bar; A man she doesn't know sits to her left and the stool next to her is empty. She orders a drink from the service droid and drums her fingers absently on the counter while she waits for her drink. ::

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    *Bi0 is looking out the bar window when he see's Lyra*

    (She's probably still freaked over that <a href=>incident</a> I did at Tides...)

    *Glances out the window*

    (What am I suppose to tell her? I didn't want to be in your presence? *sign*)

    *Bi0 looks toward Lyra once again*

    (Actally, I'm curious as to why she is here....I've never known her to set foot in this bar...)

    *Bi0 walks toward Lyra and sits down on the empty sit next to her. He puts his elbows on the counter. Bi0 knew she saw him but remained silent*

    "........Hey Lyra".


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      :: Turns in her seat to look at Bio, considering how to proceed.

      (do I make a big deal of it? act like it never happened?)

      "Hi Bio, " she begins, "long time, no see." She adds a wry smile and props her blond head on her hand as she rests her elbow on the bar. ::


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        *Continues to look straight forward at the various bottles on the bar shelf*

        "Yeah...long time..."

        *Bi0 didn't want to make the incident obivious*

        "What brings you to Rama's? Not exactly the place for a delicate flower"

        *Sees a BAD [Bar Astro Droid] and flags it down*

        "But then again, all delicate flowers have thorns on them for protection"

        *Gives a kind smirk but still refuses eye contact*


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          :: Lyra bristles at the jab and nearly snaps off an acid reply, but bites her tongue just in time. She sits up on her stool and turns to stare at him. She knows his eyes, fixed arrogantly straight ahead, are watching her by way of the mirror behind the bar. Impulsively, she grabs his arm and turns him round to face her.

          She begins angrily,

          "Look, I don't like to play games -- I'm no delicate flower, and I'm no prickly cactus either. I'm just me. If I've offended you or put you off, or if you just decided you can't stand the sight of me, then just tell me. If you've got a problem you want to deal with alone, tell me.

          Then softly, "And if you are struggling with something and you want some help. You can trust me." Lyra's violet eyes stare searchingly at Bio, waiting for a response. ::


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            *Bi0 was taken back by this sudden event but his eyes didn't show remained silent for a few moments before he responded, his burning eyes still fixed on hers*

            "......You have not offended nor made me upset in anyway Lyra and I do enjoy your's just..."

            (Like it's so simple to tell her I have an inner voice that refuses me love and can Lyra understand...she had a sister that still loved her even though they've never seen each other for years. While my sister cursed me with his hidden form....Like anyone can understand my guilt...)

            "...I'll admit Lyra, I do have something I need to take care of, but not in this place and certainly not now..."

            *Bi0 spoke rather harsh at the last reply and left as the BAD came back with his water. However, Bi0 did turn around before he left*

            "If you really want to uncover my problem Lyra, your going to have to do better then what you did just now...It takes alot to win over my trust to tell my past and pain. Remember when I said you earned half of my trust? You'll have to earn another Quarter of my trust to find out...and it can't be won over with sparring...keep that in mind..."

            *And with that, Bi0 walked out of Rama's Corner and out into a extreme down pour of rain*


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              :: Lyra stares after him for a moment and then strides purposefully after him out the door and, gently this time, lays a hand on his arm to stop him. "Bio, wait."

              He pauses and she begins to speak again. "Forgive my impulsivity. I say what I feel, when I feel it; I can't apologize for that or change it. I don't know what you need, but I can offer you honesty, calm and companionship. I can offer a safe harbor from whatever storm you are weathering."

              She moves around in front of him and stares up into his glowing eyes. His face cloaked, remains a mystery, but fearlessly, she reaches up with her hand and touches his cheek within the darkness that surrounds him.

              "When you are ready, you can trust me. I won't run from you."


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                *Bi0 reached up to hold Lyra's hand upon his hidden cheek...aside from Dara, no one had offered him what Lyra was offering. Bi0 closed his eyes for a breif moment to think back to how he was changing...he was so eager to throw his emotions away, seeing them as nothing but flaws. However, overtime, he came to realize that the emotions are not flaws at all but something that can give you reason to fight for someone you love or care for. However, his inner voice was telling him otherwise...maybe all this time, it was wrong?
                Bi0 opened his eyes to see Lyra still looking up at his eyes. Such pure and lovely eyes eager to help him. Maybe he should seek help...their wasn't anything wrong with it. Bi0 continued to look down at Lyra and smiled*

                "You are quite the persister aren't you Lyra?"

                *Bi0 lowered himself to whisper in her ear*

                "I like that in a lady..."

                *Bi0 returned to his standing position*

                "Very well then, to hell with refusing help! From what I've learned from you, it takes a strong man to refuse help, but it takes a stronger man to admit he needs help..."

                *Bi0 reached up and put his hands on Lyra's shoulders*

                "If your lucky, you just might earn my quarter of trust by the time you leave the bar".

                *Bi0 and Lyra were out in the rain...Bi0 could see Lyra was getting quite wet and himself as well...however, Bi0 could manage being wet, he extended his wings out and wrapped them around Lyra*

                "Prehaps it best we talk back at Rama's no?"


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                  :: Lyra shivered a little as Bio whispered in her ear and her eyes opened wide in wonderment as his wings unfurled and wrapped themselves around her protectively, shielding her from the cold downpour. Standing there, they were in their own world, there was no one and nothing else. For a long moment, Lyra wished to just stay there, safe from the outside world--but she knew it was only a pleasant illusion.

                  All the same, a pleasant rush of relief filled her as she released the tension and anxiety of wondering whether she was wasting her time, whether he would just leave her standing there. She knew it would be hard to earn his trust; but did he know that he was also earning hers?

                  Nodding her head and smiling her half smile she answered him, "I think that is an excellent idea, that is, unless you enjoy being cold and wet!" Together they turned back to the warmth and dryness of Rama's.


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                    *Lyra walked in first as Bi0 followed suit. However, his wings were so wet from the rain. Bi0 extend his wings outfast making the rain fly outward. But the rain splashed on a patron of Rama's*

                    "he..hey! What's your problem mister?"

                    *Bi0 didn't turn but saw the man in the corner of his eye*


                    *Bi0 didn't like to fight patrons...much too easy game for him. However, this guy didn't seem to know he was a ranked Sith*

                    " Sorry? Sorry! I'll show you!"

                    *The foolish man broke the bottom of a bottle off and charged him. Before he could strike him, Bi0 flew his hand out and grabbed him by the throat and clenched hard, making the man drop the broken bottle and forcing him pry his hand with his own. This time, Bi0 turned to the man with his burning eyes. Bi0 didn't have to put he loved using his eyes to put a certain fear in stupid patrons. Bi0 drew him closer to his face. From an outsiders view, you could see the orange glow on the man's face*

                    "I said I was sorry...that should be enough for you...are we clear on that?"

                    *The man couldn't nod from the intense clenching but Bi0 wasn't waiting for a response. He threw the man back to his seat and it shattered from his weight. The throw also knocked him unconscience*

                    "I hope Rama doesn't get mad over that chair".

                    *Bi0 looked away from the man and headed toward Lyra*

                    "Sorry...he should consider what I did a blessing...not many Sith spar weaklings. I just don't find them in good sport"


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                      :: Lyra raised an eyebrow as the man crashed to the floor and didn't move, wondering indeed, what Rama's response would be.

                      "Never mind him, he's not only weak, but also stupid."

                      Not intimidated by Bio's show of strength, Lyra steps over the wreckage and takes him by the arm, steering him to a small, secluded table in the shadows.::


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                        *allows Lyra to lead him to the table and sits down*


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                          :: As Lyra sits down, she pushes her wet hair back behind her ears, then shrugs her cloak off her shoulders, letting it puddle around her chair. They are seated at a small table with only two chairs. She rubs her hands together to warm them as the service droid approaches to take their orders. She orders a hot corellian rum and looks to Bio for his order. ::


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                            *Is quiet for a few moments*

                            "....My usual if you please".

                            *Bi0 leans back in his chair and looks at Lyra*

                            "How deep are you willing to go Lyra? How far is your desire to know me? While I'm willing to accept your help, things I have kept to myself are never open to anyone. And don't forget you haven't earn that other quarter of my trust just yet".

                            *Can see that Lyra won't let this go*

                            "But you can only get what you want though persistence. And I can tell your not the annoying persistence, but the persistence to know see through the guise".

                            *Leans forward and places his arms on the table to look closer at Lyra*

                            "But we all walk a thin line...can you walk that thin line to gain my Quarter trust?"


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                              :: Lyra leans forward also, eyes serious, elbow to elbow with the great warrior.

                              "Only time will tell you if I am worthy of your trust and if you will decide to trust in me. I, for my part have already made my decision, Bio. I choose to give you my trust and my friendship. Share with me what you are able to or want to. I accept whoever and whatever you are. Can't you see? I don't care what dark secrets you harbor, I only wish to lighten your burdens if you wish it and to live this short life to its fullest!"