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  • Socialization

    Daegal had been told lately that he needed to socialize more. So, he dragged himself down to Rama's in hopes of finding a bit of conversation. He sat alone, brooding in his own darkness. He quietly sipped his vodka, going unnoticed to most. He looked around, wondering if he knew anyone present.

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    "At a table, all alone, Mister Murdoch...."
    Lana walked from behind Daegal, standing across from him at the opposite side of the table. She offered a friendly and brief smile, which in turn faded as mysteriously as she had came.
    "It's quite odd to find you alone, is my point.... Are you expecting someone, or may I accompany you?"


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      Daegal nodded, smiling just as briefly as she had. He motioned to a seat next to him and said, "Your company is always welcomed. May I buy you something to drink?"


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        "No, I'm quite alright."
        Another brief smile, and her eyes scanned his face. She saw something in him that troubled her.
        "....Dae, is something the matter? I mean..... You're never alone. You're always accompanied by someone. And by your preference, the class is usually feminine...."
        Lana chuckled lightly and leaned against the table, looking at him still.
        "Alright, spill...."


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          Daegal chuckled slightly at her statement, "Things do not always work out as we hope, I suppose. I felt that a little time clearing my head would help me to come to realize that this fact is more true now that ever."

          As he finished, his gaze lifted up, his eyes meeting hers before looking away.


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            ((OOC: Attack of double postage.... =P))

            "You know, there's a lot that one doesn't think happens the way it should. I believe everything happens for a reason..."
            Lana's smile stuck for a few seconds, then faded as she thought ahead. The future looked brighter to her, but what of the aftermath?
            It was then she realized she asked herself too many unanswerable questions.....


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              "Perhaps, but the ends do not make the means any easier to understand and handle, Lana."

              Daegal offered a weak smile as his gaze fell to his drink.


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                "I don't think I understand..."
                She looked back up to Dae, awaiting his explaination to a previous statement.


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                  Daegal looked at her for a moment before answering.

                  "Sometimes, things are so difficult to deal with that the reason they happen cannot possibly be justified."


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                    Lana nodded to this, smiling again. She looked around, finding herself speaking her mind.
                    "I think I may want a water afterall...."


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                      Daegal whistled slightly and nodded at a service droid and a water was delivered promptly.

                      " have you been?"


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                        "I'm alright. Everything's fine.... getting better as my life presses on...."
                        She looked to the approaching droid as it set her water in front of her.
                        "--And you?"


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                          "I was doing fine until recently. It seems that events lately have mostly been bad, but I will surivive and press on."


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                            "I'm sorry to hear that, Daegal....."
                            She sipped from her water, looking over the rim of her glass and watching him quietly.
                            "Whenever you feel the need to speak to me, I'm always around. Wherever it may be."
                            Lana paused, then placed her glass down, leaning over the table again.
                            "Okay....? I'll always be here, no need to be shy..."


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                              "Thank you. Your continued friendship is greatly appreciated. I know that I can always speak with you about anything, Lana, and that means a lot to me", Daegal said with a large grin.