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  • In debt

    A sluggish yet nervy Salem entered Rama's tailed by a new aqquaintance. He approached the bar and whispered to the tender who was there before turning to glance back at Eden, with a nod. He then turned and headed to a table, sitting down.

    "You don't have to stay for long if you don't want," he said, holding up the unsensitive fron, "Just a drink or two."

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    "Hmm ..."

    Eden simply nodded. It was rare that she'd 'obey' to someone else than the Sith Lord Darth Phantom, but then again, it was free. She sat down across the table from Salem.

    "I'll have whatever you will have."


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      He'd ordered for himself as soon as he'd entered, so the pitcher of water and similar jug of corellian ale arrived hastily. Two glasses were place down, and one handed to each of the Sith. Salem nodded to the waiter then shooed him away with an angry look.

      "Ale and water," he said nodding towards the jugs, "Whichever you prefer."


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        She answered water, but didn't do anything about it. She just looked down at the jug filled with water, her hands, one on another, on the border of the table.

        "Not very social with waiters, I see."


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          "Mere kitchen staff. They've done nothing to gain any sort of respect or pleasantries," he mumbled as he lifted the water jug and poured himself and Eden a drink.

          He didn't touch his glass though, and instead ruffled his hair a little with one hand whilst looking at Eden.

          "Thanks, again."


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            "You've thanked me enough already, Salem. You should stop before going insane."

            A slight smile slid on her lips as she took a small sip of her water, after making that comment.


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              The Disciple crept his fingers around his glass and clasped it lightly.

              "Sometimes I wonder whether I've already reached that state," he said with a snakish smile creeping to life. It looked eerie on his pale face, and did not fit his features at all.


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                "Heh. You're not the only one."

                The smile on his face did not really fit him at all. It was obvious that he was a dark silent, practically emotionless person. No doubts about that. She posed her glass down.


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                  He let the entertained expression slip away into the void from where it had came and returned to the lethargic stare that held him the majority of the time.

                  "... How long have you been here?"


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                    "I've only recently came in here. The Sith Lord Darth Phantom took me in, I guess. And you ?"


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                      "Not very long either... though this is not my first step into the darkside."

                      His nose wrinkled in annoyance, for some reason.


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                        "Oh ? Why is that ?"

                        Eden blinked once. Though it was obvious that he had more experience than her in the Dark Side, she didn't know he used to belong somewhere else.


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                          "I trained with a Sith Knight named Jeseth Cloak for a short time," he said in a quiet voice, "though his dissapearance meant I had to come here."

                          "I can easily say though that I do not regret it. The atmosphere here is much more ... to my liking."


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                            "I don't like it here. But it was worse where I used to be."

                            She muttered the last sentence, taking another sip of her water to freshen up.


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                              "And where was that?"

                              A smirked slightly, "The Jedi Order?"