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  • Alone

    :: Dark B Shadw found a place in the corner that was ark so not many people could see him. He knew that most people could sence him there but he wan't there to hide. He was there to be in the Darkness He loves the darkness and hates light. If he had his way there would only be darkness in he universe. So he waited forat least someone to talk to for he knew no one here yet. ::

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    Zena opened the door of Rama's, as she scanned the tavern, seeing no one she was acquainted with, she took a seat at the bar ordering her usual ale. Drinking from the brew eagerly, after a hard day of training with her relentless Master, Jedah Lynch, she scoped the patrons, her eyes focusing on the newcomer. She spoke with a low confident voice.

    "Salutations, I am Zena."


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      :: from the shadows He said::

      "My name is Dark B Shadow. So what brings you here."


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        "Unwinding from the pressures of training." Zena nodded acknowledging his name.

        "So, shall I call you Dark or Shadow?"
        She averted her gaze, seeing what weapons he carried. As a Mercenary, she was taught to be cautious of new comers, and their motives.


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          " You can call me Dark."

          :: then Dark noticed that Zena was looking to see what type of weapon he had on him. So he took it out to show her his red lightsaber. ::


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            Xavier walks into the bar slowly, tossing the flaps of his trenchcoat behind him slightly as he glances around. He runs his pale hand back through his long hair before walking to the bar and ordering a Correllian Ale from the bartender.


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              Zena nodded to Dark..

              "Excuse my inquisitive nature, Dark. You handy with that?"

              She glanced at the hilt.


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                :: Dark put away the lightsaber. ::

                " Well I can use it. I could be better at it but I had to train myself how to use it. For lack of training I think I'm doing well. I'm just gladI'm out of that Dump I used to live in."


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                  "I know the feeling. My past locality with the Red Moons, was no glamor palace. So you any good with hand to hand?"


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                    " Why yes I am good hand to hand. I can hit you and then disappear into the darkness and you won't know where I am. I am also fast so if I had to fight i the light I could but I don' go out much when the sun is still up. I love the Dark. How about you do you lve to be in the Dark."


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                      Xavier chuckles quietly as he hears Dark's comment and takes a long drink from the ale in his hand. He says quietly without looking to either Dark or Zena.

                      "Parlor tricks.. heh. They may come in handy though do not rely on them too much, my friend.


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                        :: Dark turned to were the voice came from.::

                        "Yes I know for if a Jedi or a Sith wanted to find me in the dark they could. For I can't stop them. By the way Who are you? I remember seeing you once before but I never got your name."


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                          Xavier looks to Dark, taking another drink of Ale.

                          "Xavier Sadow..."


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                            "Well now I know your name. What's your story? What lead you to The Sith Empire as it did me? "


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                              "My heritage. I am the decendent of a Dark Lord of the Sith from over a millenia ago. Naga Sadow. I came here because every one of the men in my family since him have become Sith."