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In the depths of the shadows....

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  • In the depths of the shadows....

    Xazor walked into the bar. It was an unfamiliar place to her, for she had only been in Yog's on the Jedi base. She looked around at the people for a moment and noted that Sith was the main population in the bar. A few Jedi dabbled in conversation here and there. She walked to the back of the bar and took a seat in the shadows. The darkness consumed her image, except for her piercing blue eyes. They glinted with specks of silver with every drop of light that caught them. A server droid wheeled over to take her order.

    I'll just have some water.

    She said to it. She sat in silence as she listened to the conversations around her. No one would recognize her as a Jedi in here, for no one knew her. The only way they would be able to tell is if they asked her, or scanned her aura. This may not help, though, for her aura also had specks of darkness in it. It was hard for her to remove those specks too. She had once been a Sith parts of that life remained with her. How, she knew not........but she hoped the light in her would slowly remove the darkness. She cleared her mind of her worries and thoughts of the day. She was there to have some fun, and maybe meet some new people.

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    ::Yurza looked over at Xazor and began to walk towards her. He had met her in Yog's Bar once before, but that conversation got interrupted. Maybe here, on his turf he could continue the talk::

    "Hello Xazor...what brings you hgere? Finally decided to make the right choice afterall?


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      Xazor looked up from the shadows and saw Yurza standing before her.

      The right choice was made a long time ago.......I am here just checking it out.

      She said with a weak smile.

      I suppose you are "checking up" on me....

      She laughed a bit. She pulled a chair up to the table using the Force.

      Would you like to join me?

      She cordially asked him. Last time they had tried to talk, it didn't start off to well.....and then ended with a change of events.


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        "Very well...I coudl use a rest from my training."

        ::Yurza laid his glass of rum on the table and sat down looking intently at Xazor::

        "So, tell me? If you aren't here to join..then why are you heree?"


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          Xazor was caught off guard by his question.

          I am just here to relax.......and check it out. I've never been here so I thought I'd stop in.....

          She could tell by his expression that her answer was not good enough......but she could speak no more.....


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            ::Yurza sat back and nodded. He wasn't satisfied with the answer, but he would let it slide for now::

            "So...can I buy you a drink other than this water?"


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              "Yes, because you don't know what the Sith put in that water..."

              Satine spoke this as he was walking towards the table. He had thought he recognized Xazor, and it was just confirmed by Yurza.

              "Hi Xazor. Odd seeing you here..."


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                Xazor looked up and saw Alpha. She was surprised to see him there also. She nodded her head and replied.


                She then focused back on Yurza and nodded.

                Sure, I'll take a drink. I'll just have a Ki-che....that is, if they have it. If not.......I don't know. Whatever you think is good here.

                She said with a smile. She hoped that he wouldn't try to get her drunk to get information out of her.....she sat in silence for a moment and then remembered her friend was standing there.

                Oh, would you like to join us?

                She asked him. She pulled up a chair using the Force and motioned to it.


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                  Taking a seat, Satine notices Xazor's look of surprise at his presence here, and smiles.

                  "I'm here quite a bit. Makes for an interesting day..."

                  Waving over a servign droid, Satine orders himself a pitcher of klah, and Yurza orders for Xazor and himself.


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                    I see....

                    She said with a smile.

           have you been lately?

                    She asked trying to change the subject. She was glad that Satine was the only Jedi who had noticed her in the bar today.....


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                      ::Yurza cocked his head and smiled::

                      "I have been doing great. My training has been going superb. It is a wonder I am not dead yet though. Most would die goign through my training exercises."


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                        Xazor smiled and took a sip of the new drink that sat in front of her.

                        My training is going well also. I have been under a lot of strenuous exercise routines also. There are days I feel like passing out. So, do you come here often?

                        She asked as she jumped from one subject to the next. She was trying to avoid conversation of the reason she was in the bar in the first place.


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                          "Yes I do....the question is do you? And if not..why come now?"


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                            They were now back to the subject that she had been trying to avoid during the whole conversation. She couldn't hide it from his eyes. He seemed to be able to..........see every part of her soul.

                            I am here because..........I need some information.

                            She said. She had not lied......yet she hadn't spoke the whole truth either. She nervously took another sip of her drink.


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                              ::Yurza smiled::

                              "Now we are getting somewhere..what kinda information you looking for?"