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  • A Sip of Desire

    Striding into the bar tall and proud the Sith walked adorned with an black suit made of the finest material and capable of withstanding most small arms from impacting upon his skin. Red markings crafted into his suit signaled who he was as his cloak flowed behind him ominously.

    The Sith grinned at nothing in particular, this night he knew above all nights he could over come all obstacles. He was nothing less than the Emperor of the Sith.

    The Sith Empire had overcome much in its days and he had saw it through hell fire and brimstone. No one could stop him, no force of power in this galaxy had ever done so, although many tried all failed. In his wraith, power and knowledge he left them husk of their former beings.

    All who tried failed and miserably at that. He had tossed them all down like the filth they were and laughed at their misfortune during it all. Nothing would....could stop him now, his mind had been set so long as they tried he would remain the vile scourge of their existence.

    Day after day, week after week, month after month. The darkness would rein and terrible vengeance would rain down upon those that opposed the Sith way and its path. Gloom from the darkness would roll out over and all that sought to rebel, from the crafted blades of the lightsabers all enemies would be struck down.

    This he knew. This he believed.

    Taking a blood wine he drunk down some of the sweet drink and relaxed, his eyes glowing their soft green. It would all be an ever constant battle this was true but life was a battle since birth, the strong survive, the weak perish.

    Tasting the sweet drink he also knew one other important fact.

    At times one needed to enjoy the more simple things of life.

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    "Well lookie here........someone thinks he is some @#%$. "

    :: Rama leaned back in his booth as he yelled at the figure across the bar. ::


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      Zena sauntered into the tavern as she took notice of the two Sith Masters, Rama Sha and her mentor, Jedah Lynch, as she nodded to both, seizing a seat at the bar.

      "Salutations, Sith Masters, seems tonight is a good time to luxuriate in spirits."

      Nodding again to her Master, the Sith Disciple signaled a droid for a pint of Corellian ale.


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        :: The smell of Death was in the air as the Sith Lord Phantom entered Rama's, something was amiss, he looked around and spotted the problem, two of the Sith Masters were cutting lose, last time that happened many lives were lost, Phantom couldn't miss that.

        He walked over the bar and took a seat, he rotated around and nodded in respect to Master Rama ::

        Greetings Master Rama, things going well I presume?

        :: Phantom turns somewhat to his own Master, he nods ::

        Good Evening Master


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          The Sith knight was already in the bar as Sith Master Jedah Lynch entered. Athena had not spotted Sith Master Rama Sha, for he had been silent. Good thing too Athena was not yet fully over her fear of the man. She smiled as Rama started to speak to Jedah. As Zena a disciple she (Athena) had yet to meet took her seat at the bar, Athena waved to driod away and took over the pint of Ale.

          She rested her arms on the back of the bar, normally where the barkeep was but for this night Athena would get some drinks.

          " Evening Masters... Zena. "

          Athena set the ale down infornt of the Lady. And smiled when Phantom entered into the bar. She grabbed a glass and the bottle of whiskey. She then placed it infornt of where the Sith Lord was seated.

          " Greetings Cale "


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            Ah hello Athena.

            :: He smiles a bit as she hands him the bottle ::

            Thank you. Won't you join me?


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              " I dont drink whiskey well. I get rather loud...and very sick. "

              :: She held up her own glass of Red Wine. ::

              " I will stay with my normal. "


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                Phantom.......things are looking my way.

                :: Rama responded to his question. ::


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                  Watching the Sith come and go as they pleased he made no rush to respond to Rama at first, merely drinking the delicious brew he nodded to Phantom and Zena before turning his attention back to Rama.

                  "Through all our battles and all our wars I would say we have the right to be smug. There may be more battles yet we can take the time to enjoy all that we have accomplished"


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                    "Thankyou, Athena. So how have you been faring?"

                    She took her drink as she then nodded to the Sith Lord..

                    "Greetings Phantom."


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                      No I have the right to be smug......... <img src= ALT=":lol">


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                        :: Phantom nods back ::

                        Good Evening. How are you this fine evening?

                        :: Takes a drink from his glass ::