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A Lovely Eve

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  • A Lovely Eve

    The moon was out tonight, it's gentle rays shining on all who walked this fair eve. Jibrielle closed her eyes for a moment, savouring the sweet air before pushing the doors to Rama's open. Stepping inside, she looked around before casually strolling to the bar counter. She wasn't wearing her mask this time; being since she had modified her face so it resembled any other *normal* person's face - without the intricate scars.

    Her last visit still brought shivers whenever she thought about it. Rama had taken notice of her and questioned her ... luckily, Hob was there with her. His words still brought a smile to her face.

    Sitting down, she clasped her hands together in her lap and glanced at the bartender, remaining silent.

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    "And is the Troll here now?"

    :: Rama could hear it........Hear it like not others. THe comtiplations of others. Here in this Bar had he perfected this talent. A Thousand tales, each one different in his own way. He had heard them all.....well almost all. Some could block him, but it would take a powerful person indeed, and those trained by the false names rarely have that kind of power. This one was no different. ::

    "You said my name......and in the sentance as the Peck's."


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      Jibrielle looked at Rama knowingly. She knew he would be here...

      "No, I'm afraid Sir Hob isn't here at the moment."


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        That's good.....His presence upsets me.

        Why would you brave the evils of this place without your crutch.......Your Protector. Although I have to say he is less then able at that task.


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          "Evil is no stranger to me, Sir."

          She carefully chose not to reply a smart answer because of Rama's words about Hob. Jibrielle didn't want to cause any trouble.


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            Where do you come from?


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              Lowering her head, she spoke softly.

              "I came from the ship, The Deciever flown by Kanaza Jayer. I was abandoned on Planet Vjun, and that was where Hobgoblin took pity and took me in. If it weren't for him, I'd be dead..."


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                And you think you experinced true evil on Vjun?


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                  "I never said where I experienced true evil."


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                    :: Rama Laughed slightly. ::

                    At least you know you couldn't learn THAT on Vjun, you have that going for you.


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                      She smiled slyly as she watched him laugh.

                      "I am sure, however, that Hob will teach me a newer side of Evil."


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                        Newer? I didn't know it was like a Speeder......Turn in the old to get a newer model.


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                          She grit her teeth together as the old feeling of anger worked its way throughout herself.

                          "Sir Rama, I think you know very well what I meant. What I was saying was that Hobgoblin shall teach me a stronger and more intelligent way of the Darkside, instead of the Siths' primitive ways."


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                            ::Rama brust into loud laughter, it filled the room. Louder and Louder and Louder, it become almost deafing and then silence. ::

                            "Stronger.......more intelligent"

                            :: A Devilih grin came across his lips.::

                            "Oh do tell girly?"


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                              Jibrielle reached up and covered her ears with the palms of her hands while Rama laughed. It was deafening - and eerie, too. As soon as he was done she lowered her hands and looked at him, seeing a wicked smile play across his lips.

                              "Rama ... Sir ... The Dark Jedis are more ... *wiser* in their ways. I believe they don't ... 'jump' at things like Jedis and Siths..."