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Whispers in the Night

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  • Whispers in the Night

    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide stepped into the bar, pushing the hood of her cloak back as her long dark hair cascaded down around her shoulders. She had awakened after another vision in her dreams and decided that a drink would take the edge off a bit. Dara made her way across the room to take a seat at a back table as she looked around the bar ::

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    (blade came up behind dara as she looked around the room.)

    Bad dreams lady dara?


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      :: Dara turned to see Blade and nodded to him ::

      "I suppose the bags under my eyes gave away my lack of sleep huh. Oh well, it's just some visions that are appearing when I sleep. They seem to be occuring more frequently and hopefully their meaning will be revealed soon enough. Nothing to be concerned about though. I can handle it. I always have. So anyway, since I couldn't sleep, I thought I would come by and have a drink. How have you been lately? Would you like to join me?"


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        (blade sits down)

        I have been fine. Had few strange dreams myself as of of late but I'm pretty sure I understand them.

        (a droid came to the table for drink order)

        Scotch for me and what would like Dara?


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          "A glass of white wine for me would be great. So, have you settled into life here at the Empire then?"


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            Oh ya I put my past struggles and a little bit of my bad boy image behind me I think I'll handle it from here on out. hey and whos to say maybe someday I'll reach the rank you recieved.

            (blade smiled)


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              :: Dara smiles ::

              "I'm confident that with hard work and dedication that you will achieve all that you seek out to, Blade. I am glad things have worked out well for you here at the Empire."

              :: The service droid delivers their drinks and Dara takes a long sip of her wine before placing the glass back down on the table ::


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                Dressed in her normal clothes as she paced within her quarters of the H.Q. Something had awaken her in her sleep and she felt terrible. Finally unable to take it anylonger Athena slipped on a cloak and started down the hallway to her Blood sister Dara Shadowtide's personal quarters. Athena waited for her sister to come to the door but nothing...

                Finally done standing there Athena turned and started on her way over to Rama's Bar. Athena crossed the training field seeing how it was a shorter distance to the Bar. With ehr black cloak drapped around her Athena moved the closed doors open with little more then a force push.

                Taking a step within the Bar Athena looked around for her Blood sister. It was not normal for Dara to not be home at this late of hour. Noticeing Blade first Athena finally spotted Dara at a table. She made her way over to the table and smiled.

                "Good eveing Blade Ice. "

                Looking at her sister and Master.

                Sister, I felt your dreams troubling you once more... Can I help with anything? "


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                  :: Dara smiled as her new blood sister and longtime loyal apprentice approached the table. She saw the concern on Athena's face and spoke to her via the Dark Side ::

                  <"Thank you so much for your concern, my sister, however I will be fine. The dreams are building toward a conclusion of some sort, so hopefully soon I will have the answers that have evaded me for so long.>

                  :: The Sith Master smiled and gestured to an open chair at the table ::

                  "Hello my sister, please join us. How have you been?"


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                    :: smiling the Sith Knight took the offered seat. ::

                    " Thank you Master..."

                    :: Athena looked around and smiled once more at Blade. ::

                    " How goes your stay here at the Empire Blade? "


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                      (blade smiled)

                      Hello Athena. My stay has been good as of late.

                      (blade takes a drink of his scotch)

                      Can I get you something to drink athena.


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                        :: Athena nodded once ::

                        " sure water for the moment. I dont think Wine and my state of half asleep would do good. "


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                          (blade gets up momentarily and goes to the bar and comes back with athenas water.)

                          There you go. (blade smiles at her)


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                            :: Athena took the glass from blade. And returned his smile. Looking at her blood sister. ::

                            " Tell me Sister what are the dreams finally telling you? "


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                              :: She smiles over at Athena ::

                              "They are a riddle and an answer some nights.. however they do not match up. It's like I am being given clues to something which continues to barely elude my very grasp. It is a bit frustrating at times however I sense a conclusion nearing. I have always had the dream of my father's brutal death played over and over but the dream is altered now.. for the first time since it happened."

                              :: Taking a sip of her wine she noted the darkness of the conversation and chuckled lightly, looking over to Blade and Athena ::

                              "Ok, no more talking about my dreams. I'm here to get away from all that. So, I'm going to change the topic now. What is your dream in life? What do you want more than anything?"