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When fires burn

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  • When fires burn

    Cold, wet and foggy outside, it was a matter of time before many Sith would take refuge inside Ramas for the duration of the evening. And i was one of them, i orderd my useral drink and sat myself down on a empty table, i didn't have a "useral" table as many other Sith did.

    Sipping my soda and ice i waited and scanned the bar for someone i knew twisting the chair around so the back of it was up against my chest i waited...a chat wouldent go a miss.

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    <Syren was sitting down at the bar counter, one of the several scattered Sith inside of Rama's. She sighed as she glanced around aimlessly, wondering why she was even in here. Drinking wasn't particularly her idea of fun, but she didn't have anything else to do.

    All around her everybody seemed to be chatting with somebody they knew. Her blue eyes scanned the room for somebody who didn't seem preoccupied, and landed on a silver-haired man. He wasn't even sitting like the rest - instead, he was sitting on his chair in such a manner that made her smile.

    She pushed back the stool she was sitting on and made her way between the tables, stopping infront of him.>

    "Mind if I join you?"


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      ' There is a chair be my guest if you think you can possibly sit down' i said sercasticly..looking away from the woman with a sip of ice cold cola.


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        "If I were handicapped then how could I possibly walk over?"

        <Syren replied, her voice cold and hard as she glanced over the man. She put her foot out and hooked it around the chair, dragged it out then sat down.>

        "Playing the big, bad Sith, are we?"


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          ' I could possibly say the same thing for you...but then again your not big are you?...yes i must admit im a little blunt this evening.' Isaid turning towards her.

          ' Another drink?[


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            <She grinned a bit at his remark.>

            "Yes, I think a drink would be nice."

            <Syren flagged down a nearby droid and ordered herself a glass of Chambord Liqueor.>

            "So.. What brings you here this eve?"