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    :: Dark walked out from the shadow's and went towards the bar. He was celebrating his new accomplishment Night and Day. I was his new Curved Lightsaber. So he thoug he deserved a drink. So he went to the bar and ordered a small glass of Irish Mist. Then went and sat back down in the Shadows, waiting for company.::

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    :: Dark felt something, something he could not explain, a Darkness fell over him. It was a Darkness he knew. From the Shadows appears his Master, Sith Lord Darth Phantom. He slowly walked towards his apprentice ::

    Good Evening Dark.


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      :: Dark nods at his master. ::

      "Good Evening Phantom. Would you like a drink?"


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        :: Phantom nods his head ::


        :: He out reaches his hand towards the bar, a bottle of Whiskey flys across the air as well as two small glasses. Setting them down on the table, he fills both glasses and hands one to Dark ::


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          :: Dark takes the glass. ::

          "Thanks. So what are you doing here tonight?"

          :: Takes a drink from the glass. ::


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            :: The Sith Lord smiles some what ::

            Ah, I used to come here quite offten before I left.

            :: Phantom takes a drink of the whiskey ::

            So have you met anyone new?


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              :: Takes a drink of wiskey. ::

              "Yes I have. I've meet Dark Lady Zena, tempistopps, and Xavier Sadow."


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                Well it seems you have met some more of the newer people. So tell me how do you like it at The Sith Empire this far?


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                  " Well I feel like this is truely my home. I can't leave it ever, even though I've only been here for a little over a week now. This is a place where you can truely find great power."