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Looking For Zena.... (open)

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  • Looking For Zena.... (open)

    Alana walked into the Sith bar looking for her friend. She was bored and wanted to go and torment someone with Zena. Alana knew that she was always up for some fun. She didn't see her so she sat down at a table to keep an eye out. Tipping back in her chair she looked around, hoping to spot a Jedi or two she could follow home and have for dinner.

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    Zena entered the tavern, as she scanned the perimeter in her usual militaristic bearing. She smiled as she spotted Alana, a fellow Disciple. They held a common bond of the past, as Alana was once a Bounty Hunter, and she a mercenary.

    It did not matter Alana was a creature of night. Zena thought that her friend harbored a good edge in battle with her vampyre powers, and respected that voltage. While some avoided the vampyres, Zena admired them. Her Master, Jedah Lynch, was a vampyre as well, and was one of the few Sith Masters of TSE. She bustled over to her.

    "Ah, Alana, you are a sight for battle fatigued eyes. I could use some diversion with a couple of unsuspecting Jedi. Too bad none have entered our trap as of yet."

    Zena grinned as she orderd some Corellian ale, and took a seat by her friend, she thought fondly of as a sister.


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      Alana grinned at her friend. They were a lot alike in the way they acted and it drew them together as sisters. Alana smiled as she read the same thoughts in her Sith sisters mind. "Well, if they don't come to us Zena we can always go to them. Have you seen our master around perhaps he would like to do a little hunting." Alana said with a wicked laugh.


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        ::Chaos walks across the room to his table on the other end of the room. He ordered a JD and sat in the shadows.::


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          "Yes, we could appropriate some Jedi. Perhaps they wouldn't mind. Then again, they would have no choice in the matter."

          She snickered, downing some ale, as she noticed Chaos.

          "Hello Sith Knight Chaos. I trust you have not seen any Jedi on your journey here. Pity, I really am in the mood for a duel. Care to join us?"

          She then turned to Alana,

          "Our Master is either making some Jedi one with the force, with their premature conclusions, or in the company of Razielle. Don't know, actually. Would be a treat if he were to round up some Jedi for his two bored apprentices."

          Zena ordered more ale as she sighed.


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            Alana grinned at Zena. "Well, if we cant get our master to go stir up some trouble perhaps we can get Chaos to come with us." Alana looked toward Chaos and motioned him over. Alana figured a Sith with his blood should be up for some havoc, and between the three of them the fun would more than anyone could handle. Alana threw back her head and laughed. Her thoughts on the terrorized faces of anyone that got in there way...


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              Zena chuckled..

              "Feeling feisty tonight I see. Problem is, no Jedi have been around these parts lately. We might have to scout for days looking for even one. Maybe we could infiltrate their training facilities."

              She smirked at the thought.


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                What luck for the Sith. Had Dasquian known what they'd been talking about, he'd have steered well clear of Rama's this night. However, he had no such knowledge so strode into the room with a light smile covering his face and headed for the bar.

                "An ice water please," he said quietly, glancing around with a warm expression to all.


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                  Zena almost choked on her ale as she spotted the Jedi. She pushed Alana's arm getting her attention, and smirked.

                  "Seems the entertainment has arrived."

                  She rose up from her seat, then sauntered over to the blond Jedi. Zena winked at Alana as she thought a game was in order.

                  The zealous Sith Disciple unsheathed her dagger, running the flat of the blade down his handsome facade, checking his reaction.

                  "My my , what have we here? Jedi you are far from home. Do your trials demand you seek out the Sith to test your permeation with the Force? I am happy to accomodate you with a duel, Jedi Knight. You are lucky, Rama's is neutral ground, however, outside is another matter."

                  She offered him a malicious grin, as she relished in toying with her prey.


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                    He stepped softly into Rama's, striding over to where Chaos sat. His right hand waved lightly in front of the chair.

                    "Mind if I sit?"


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                      Dasquian returned the grin with one of his own, yet it was more sincere.

                      "No, miss. I'm only here for a little refreshment, I certainly do not seek combat with any of the darksiders here."


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                        "Yet I seek an altercation with you, Jedi Knight. What if I were to do this?"

                        Zena backed up from him, then lunged combatively at the Jedi with her dagger, halting her momentum as the serrated edge was a half inch from his throat. The Knight stood his ground, as he used the Force to discipher her motives.

                        "An adroit Knight you may be. But you are outnumbered here, Jedi. I may be but a Disciple, but I can fight, and may surprise you."

                        She laughed gliding her hand down his silken blond tresses.

                        "What say you Alana. Shall we take him outside for some practice?"


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                          Alana grinned at her friend. "I don't think he would want to take us on my dark sister, and as the case may be half the Sith in here. By the looks of this friendly one he would just try to turn you to the cursed light." She said with a wicked grin. "Though I'm sure his blood would taste sweet on my lips, what say you sister?" Alana chuckled in amusement. She knew Zena alone with her fierce ways would tame this one in no time....


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                            She laughed at her comment.

                            "I doubt he would be a willing blood donor. But you are right, he is a friendly one and wouldn't engage me."

                            She walked from the Knight and sat by Alana, taking a drink.

                            "Why don't you have some fun with him dark sister?" She asked with a grin.


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                              Dasquian stood stock sill, hands folded neatly behind his back.

                              "I did not come here with the wish to do so, however if it is need I would gladly teach you a lesson in the ways of the force."