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  • after along sleep

    (blade walks into the bar still grogy from his 4 week nap but he walked in with a sense of knowing that he did not before. He sat down at the bar and waited for the bar tender.)

    A scotch on the rocks bartender.

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    Zena traversed into Rama's Corner, and ordered a Corellian ale. Training under the adept tutelage of Sith Master Lynch, has been hard work, as she sought to unwind with her brew, pondering on past battles as a Mercenary. She nodded to the Sith Warrior she was never introduced to, raising her drink in a salute to TSE.


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      (blade turns to the lady and raises his glass.)

      Hi my names Blade and heres to TSE and my new revelation. So whom may ask are you.


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        "Zena." She offered her name with an affable smile.

        "In the mercenaries where I was reared, we didn't believe in surnames. A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Blade."

        The Disciple sipped more of her brew, lofting a brow, curious with this one.

        "I haven't seen you around here for a while. Been on a mission?"


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          Interesting what was the name of the mercenaries group perhaps I have come across a few in my past.

          (Blade felt a little awkward to the question it was fairly simple to answer but the answer was little strange.)

          No not a mission. I was in my quarters get some sleep after a night of party and I had some very strange dreams woke up and realized I had slept 4 weeks.


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            "The Red Moons." She elevated a brow.

            "I would expect you are quite refreshed after that lengthy rest."


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              (blade laughed) ya really refreshing.

              I have heard the name but I have never actaully meet anyone from that group. you see I was in a similar occupation before i came here.


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                Zena nodded, interested in his comment..

                "A Bounty Hunter?"


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                  Assassin I prefer to kill what i hunt.

                  (blade took a drink of his scotch)

                  So what brought you to TSE and away from you group if i may ask?


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                    Feeling a slight tremor from the discourse, Zena took a drink of her ale. She recalled the assassins they occasionally worked with in the Red Moons. Cold, calculated killers, proficient in their work. She beamed up at him, perking up.

                    "Assassin...An exhilarating position that must have been. I would expect you saw more action than a mercenary."

                    She paused, offering him a reply to his question.

                    "A Sith Lord attacked our camp. He spared my life, seeing my potential. I became his apprentice, till he ordered me to seek out the Sith Empire, and ask to be accepted into their ranks. I was well trained in melee combat, but I have much to learn of the Darkside, and alternate methods of warfare, such as hand to hand, but I am an eager learner."


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                      (blade smirked)

                      I saw allot action alright until i got caught.

                      (blade listen intently to zenas story)

                      I would a thought you would hate the sith for them killing off your group? Jedi always blame the sith for there problems in life because there to good to realize there the ones screwing it up themselves.

                      (blade laughed at his own comment.)


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                        "A Mercenary respects power and skills. I have no reason to be biased against the Sith, I respect them, why I joined their ranks."

                        She took a sip of her ale, shifting her gaze back to Blade.

                        "My fellow comrades died because they were bested in battle. It is a fact of war."


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                          (blades face went serious)

                          I ment no disrespect by what I said all I ment is jedi generally make it there excuse that the sith destroyed there family and friends. its good to see someone realized the power of the sith while there friends and family where dieing. You went against the normal grain and I like that.

                          (blade took a drink of his scotch)

                          War, War never changes.


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                            "No offense was taken, friend. Thanks for the compliment. Yes, war has a distinct essence."

                            She sighed.

                            "Actually the mercenaries took me in as an orphan. I never knew my real parents. Friends die, it is the hard fact of war."


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                              hmmm. but the mercenaries became more then friends they became your family. sometimes I wish I had a family.

                              (blade finished off his scotch)