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The Prodigal Son Returns

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  • The Prodigal Son Returns

    - Ket walked into the bar,Under his dark robes of black,the shadows taking him in like a mother to a newborn babe. He made his way tt he bar,ordering his taple,2/5ths of Jack Daniels. After recieving it from the serving droid,h made his way to the back of the bar and sat,alone in the shadows,drinking,and contemplating... -

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    Belial sat at table, concealed by the shadows. The only thing that could give away her presence was her Dark Aura - and the shimmering glint of her eyes. Glancing around, she noted that not many Sith were in at the late hour, and those who were seemed to be leaving. That's why the silent man who entered Rama's caught her attention. She watched him as he sat down, secluded in the shadows along with his drink.


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      He looked to the woman,and he chuckled lightly to himself. He wondered how the new breed would fare against someone of the old style,the old faiths. He would wait,and see what would come of his return. No doubt,amoung Sith,he had been forgotton. He was never a heavy hitter amoung them,but he held his own. He wondered how his return would be taken,and when the right time to announce it would come...


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        The now Sith Knght who was only a Disciple when Ket had departed the Empire smiled and slipped into the booth.

        " Ket my how it has been a long time. "

        She set her glass of Red Wine on the table and smiled.

        " Oh you might not remember me. I'm Athena. "


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          He smiled as he sipped his drink

          "Ah,Athena,it's good to see you again,and a Knight now,no less. I'm proud of you."


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            Belial saw the man glance at her, as if he could peer through the darkness that enloped her. A faint, yet definite sense of his Aura wafted over to her ... it smelled of evil, old evil. A smell she had always enjoyed.

            Suddenly a woman appeared next to him and started chattering away, as if they were old time friends. The woman herself had a definite aura of darkness radiating from her very being.

            Sighing slightly, she leaned back in her chair, watching time go by idly.


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              He looked to the woman who had looked toward him,bordom was a horrid thing...


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                :: She smiled and then stood back to her feet. ::

                " Im sorry to chat and run but I have a meeting in the HQ soon with another member. I shall be seeing you around? Oh and welcome home. that is if you are staying. "


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                  He smiled and nodded to Athena.

                  "Oh,i think i'll be around for quite a while now,my dear Athena. And thank you."

                  He sipped his drink lightly,thinking...


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                    Sighing, Belial glanced over at the " couple ", seeing the man looking over in her direction again. Raising a brow slightly, she peered back, until the woman seemed to be excusing herself. Looking away quickly, she stared into the shadows. At least the with the Infinite Darkness she felt more secure and at home.


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                      Dyne sat in the back of the bar quietly, letting the shadows conceal him. He was wondering if his old friend would notice him or not.



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                        OOC: But but... I'M the Prodigal Son! *Points at his title*


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                          OOC: Can you smell that I smell a battle coming up to decide who is the real Prodigal Son


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                            OOC: I cant argue with the title,yo. you win bro!

                            Ket looked to Dyne,and a grin appeared ear to ear across hs face,lurching slowly.

                            "Dyne,Come over here already!"