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A Jedi enters the Bar.

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  • A Jedi enters the Bar.

    ::Verse takes a seat at the bar. His Ash-blond hair hanging almost to his feet. He had heard of a drink here, one he had not tried and maybe stronger than his Garou Ale. He called the bar tender.::

    "I'll have a JD."

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    (blade walks up to the bar and orders a scotch.)

    Whats a jedi doing here?

    (aim the question at verse)


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      :: A Sinister grin sweeps across Phantom's face as he sences the Jedi enter, from the shadows he watches. From under his hood his eyes burn a crimson red color. He waits for him to make a move ::


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        :: Athena made her way into Rama's and stopped at the doors. She saw the Jedi Verse and her temper shot right threw the roof. He was the one she was fighting when some man in black removed him from the fight. Along with her dagger she had embedded into his side. ::


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          ::Verse smiled as he felt the hatred to him. Such a useless emotion. Hatred olny lead to the destruction of ones soul. Hatred keeps one's mind in teh past and does not allow it to see the bright future. He felt the presence of Phantom mostly. Him and Phantom went back a ways. Verse spoke to Phantom::

          "Greetings Brother Sith. How does thee fare?"


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            ::Xanatos took a seat a short distance away, his long jacket wrapped tightly around his form. He wasn't interested in talking to his old "friend", meerly listening.::


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              Xazor walked into the bar and noticed a small group looking toward one man. His aura was bright, and quite familiar to her. She then saw his face and recognized that it was her Master! What's he doing here? She asked herself........he was probably wondering the same about her, but she didn't think anything of it. She had been in the bar a few times and thought it was a nice place to get away because it was...........different. Her aura was brighter than usual as she approached him and bowed deeply.

              Greetings Master........what brings you here?

              She asked with curiosity. She then felt a darkness wash around her and hatred filled the air she was breathing. She knew what risks she was taking every time she came in here, but she couldn't be afraid of the Sith. She looked at the faces of those that were staring hatred into her soul and that of her Master....and she stopped at one. It was that of Athena.......the woman who had almost killed Verse. Xazor growled slightly, remembering not to become angered. A gentle expression washed over her and she simply smiled. Though she knew that Athena wished to kill her for taking her dagger......she took the risk and walked over to her. Out of stupidity or just that much kindness, she bowed.

              And how are you Sister Sith? Are you doing well?

              Xazor asked in a kind voice. She could practically see the steam rolling out of the woman's ears as she spoke. Xazor turned around and walked back to her Master, keeping her eyes on all around them. She sat down next to him and smiled.

              So, how are you doing my Master? Is all going well for you?

              She asked quietly. She had not really talked to him much in a while and thought it was time they caught up a bit.


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                Athena would have been fine as long as the Padawan didnt show up. But then she did... And to make matters worse for Xazor she even had the nerve to speak to Athena. She was the one who took Athena's dagger, after Navaria removed it from Verse's side where Athena had planted it.

                The Padawans voice rang into Athena's ears...
                "And how are you Sister Sith? Are you doing well? "

                Frist of all Athena was not her sister, and second if this Padawan ever was a Sith she must have sucked really bad at it.

                Athena watched the padawan walk back over to her master...
                "So, how are you doing my Master? Is all going well for you? " Athena loved how the Padawan didnt even notice the Lord of Darkness that her Master was speaking to.

                Finally annoyied just enough to move Athena. Athena walked up behind the Padawan and spun the Bar Stool she sat upon around. The moment the Jedi's face was clear in Athena's eye sight a strong grip found its way around Xazors neck. Then her (Xazor's) Body left the seat and her feet didnt touch the floor.

                " First of all CHILD I am not your sister. And second of all, if you already know I am skilled enough to almost kill your Master is it wise to **** me off? I WANT MY DAGGER! NOW! And if it is not returned to me, Then your life will do until I can find just who you gave it to. DO you Understand me..Jedi?"

                Sudddenly a darkness like no other filled the Bar. Thunder clasped outside and rain started to fall. A sudden chill ran threw the Bar. A Sith Master was on their way. And not only a Sith Master but Athena's Master. Dara Shadowtide.

                Athena knew the feel of her Masters arrival and threw the Jedi Padawan to the floor at the main door way of Rama's. The black leather boots of her Master stopped short from stepping on the pretty Padawan.

                " A Gift or an Offering My Master. "

                Athena smiled and her eyes flashed from Violet to Crimson.


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                  :: As she pushed the door to Rama's Corner open, a body rolled on the floor just in front of her. Sith Master Dara Shadowtide stepped inside and looked down at the unidentified person and then across the bar to see her long time loyal apprentice, Sith Knight Athena Lady Darknss, smiling at her ::

                  "Well, well, well.. what do we have here?"


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                    :: Phantom entered Verse's mind with a slight hint of pain ::

                    Well "Brother" It seems your foolish Apprentice has something that my Love wishes to reacquire. I would highly suggest...

                    :: Phantom is interupted as Athena explodes with anger towards the young Jedi. Phantom looks to her then back to Verse ::

                    I'd have her give it back before she is sent home in a bag


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                      ::Verse was thinking this as Xazor was lifted. Time to act fast.::

                      "Athena. do you think that your Dagger would be here? It is at GJO. Why do you not ask Navaria for it? I am sure she would enjoy the company. If you kill my Padawan you will never get the damned thing back. Play nice....and we will talk about it returns. Any harm comes to her.....well, I will send word to GJO and have it thrown intoa sun. How will you get it back then? Do not test me. If anyone touchs me or my Padawan, I will do it. I am sure Xazor will as well. If need be. Do I make myself clear?"


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                        The Sith knight looked at the Jedi Master.

                        " Because My sister Navaria told me Xazor has it. And Who said you or your padawan would leave here alive? "

                        Navaria was no really Athena's sister although she had the memories of Athena's blood sister Dalethria. She smiled.

                        " I could walk into GJO with my darling carrying your body and I carrying your Padawans. I think they would trade me for my Dagger then. Or I could remove your Padawan and lock her in my Personal Quarters and hold her until You return with my dagger."


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                          "You could, but there is a small thing...I would make myself die first. My padawan will feel the same. Both of us would die gladly in Service of the light."

                          ::Verse looked at Xazor.::

                          "I would give her the dagger. Somethings are not worth it. A Sith dagger is a gift from the Master to Disiple. It means a lot. I know it may be a thing of evil...but it is different. I do not wish a fight here. This is a lession you must learn. A Sith will kill for there dagger. It is very special to them. I am asking you to give it back. It is not yours to keep. It may seem stupid to do so, but it is the right thing."


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                            (blade who was near verses leans over and begins to whisper to him.)

                            I asked you earlier why you where here. Now again I will ask why has a jedi stepped foot on sith ground especially one with so much hate on his head? now your in kind of predicament you and your apprentice have stolen something of my friends and it seems she wants it back. so I'll give you an ultimatum you find a way to get her what she wants and I'll make sure you and the apprentice get out of here a live. I know your think how could trust a sith well you can't you'll just have to believe i'm going to help you. Its your choice.

                            (blade leaned back and began to chuckle)


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                              ::Verse sighs as Blade Ice "offers" his help.::

                              "I do not fear anyone in this room, and any way, all teh other SIth in this room are above you in rank. They could command you to not help us is you wish. I for one have no problem with Sith as long as they are not hurting the innocent. I may not agree with your lifestyle, but I am sure you don't agree with mine. I can not tell you how to run your life. I came here for a drink. Nothing more, nothing less. Any hatred for me I could care less about. I do not dwell on the past. I respect most all the Sith here. If any of you wish to join me for a drink, you are most welcome. In fact, why not I buy the first round?"

                              ::Verse called a waiter to him.::

                              "Bring these peopel any drink they wish. This round is on me. I will like to have a JD myself."

                              ::The waiter handed Verse his JD.::

                              "Anyone else want to order something sence I am paying?"