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  • Pieces Left Behind

    As Dalethria looked around Rama's Bar, a strange feeling came over her. It looked the same but everything about it was different to the Sith Master.

    For those present, her face was obscured by the black hood so she wasn't easily recognized. Only those that knew her well enough would actually recognize the dark aura she projected.

    She was pleased in seeing that what once was her usual table was empty and walked over there, Her heavy boots echoed against the floor and Dalethria sat down, waving off the serving droid for now. There was a someone that she wanted to see that was special to her. It hurt, leaving those behind, but she wasn't going to be a stranger to those that needed and wished to see her.

    A smirk crossed her face as old habits took over. Kicking her feet up, she rested them on the table waiting patiently with an observant eye.

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    Athena was in her room when she felt a chill run up her spine. It was something that had always happened when a Sith Master was near. But this time it was different it was someone close to her. Athena got up from her seat and started towards the door. She gripped her cloak and placed it over her shoulders.

    Athena made her way out of the H.Q and followed the feeling. She stopped as she noticed she was out side of Rama's Bar. She took in a deep breath and walked in. Glanceing from side to side Athena finally noticed someone at her sister Dale's old Table. Almost angered Athena glared at the Female who had her feet on the table.

    Then as the feeling hit her she noticed one thing. IT WAS DALE. Athena just looked at her sister as she sat there waiting... Finally Athena started over to her sister and smiled looking at the boots on the table.

    " Comfy are we my Deadly Sister? "

    Athena took a seat and looked at her sister. A smiled lined her lips.

    " Here for a visit or have you come home sister? "

    Athena wanted nothing more then for her sister to stay but she knew it was not her place to ask for such things. As long as Dale never forgot to come and say her hellos Athena would be happy.


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      Athena was outside the bar. Dalethria could feel it but made no move to communicate with her. She rather this be a surprise for her sister. It almost brought a smile to her face when Athena's anger at her was felt. She thought that Dalethria was someone else moving in on her sister's territory.

      As soon as her sister reached the table, Dalethria looked up, face was still shrouded in darkness caused by the black hood. It didn't take long for Athena to put two and two together and Dalethria tapped her feet together at the mention of being comfortable.

      It felt so right being here with Athena. Sitting at the same table, yet nothing much was said. They shared an unspoken bond that not many could understand but there were those that could relate. All beings held someone close to their hearts whether they admitted to it or not.

      Now the Sith Master flagged a server droid.

      "Social of course dear sister. You were in my thoughts so I came."

      It was all that needed to be said.


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        Athena smiled and just looked at her sister cloaked with in the darkness of her clothes. She noticed the flagging of the driod over to the table and thought to herself.

        " Dale Tonight I am buying... Wether you like it or not! "

        Her voice was as playful as the day the two had meet. Athena thought back on the times she and her blood sister had spent apart until Athena finally came in search of her sister at TSE. She had not stayed long more and likely upsetting her sister then too. Dale was Athena's master the first time she was here within the Empire. Athena had a second thought when she returned and asked for a new master. At the time she didnt know if her sister was full or if she would even take her once more after a abrupt leave the first time.

        Athena tossed the thought from her head and just smiled not even realizing that her sister had asked her three times now what she would like to drink.

        " Im so Sorry Dale, Umm Red wine is fine... "

        Dale just shook her head and waved the driod off.


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          When Athena insisted on something, even Dalethria would have to listen. Her Sister had a temper that she respected, that and it wasn't worth arguing. She would loose the debate.

          She ordered herself namana juice and looked to Athena, both she and the droid waiting for her order. For someone wanting to pay upfront forcefully, her Sister was taking her time in decided on what she wanted to drink. Dalethria tried getting her attention a few times and finally Athena put in her order.

          The droid whistled an affirmation and rolled away satisfied, but Dalethria wasn't.

          "What caused you to drift away?"


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            Athena looked at her sister and wondered..

            " Drift away, Oh from ordering nothing at all. I just was thinking as normal..."

            Athena smiled and watched as the little driod returned with her sisters juice and her own glass of wine.

            " How is that big green brother of mine doing?"


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              She quirked a brow and smirked, "Must have been some nothing to keep your attention away from me."

              Dipping a finger inside the namana juice, Dalethria tasted the beverage carefully and was impressed. No one was trying to kill her. She was sure someone here would have tried.

              "Ogre is taking care of the little one. I told him I wanted to see you."


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                Athena smiled.. " The Past you know how that can take anyone from anything at times."

                Athena watched her sister test her drink. Athena thought it odd.

                " Dale you know that they wouldnt do anything with me sitting right here... Dont be so foolish."

                Athena's eyes shined.

                " The little one? I have not seen yet! "

                Athena thought for a moment...."Dale I didnt EVEN know you had it yet! "


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                  She shrugged, "One can never be too careful around Sith afterall ..."

                  Dalethria couldn't help but feel uneasy around the Empire. It wasn't her group anymore and except for her Sister and Apprentices ... the Sith Master didn't know what kind of welcome she was to receive here at Rama's. So far, it was pleasant and Dalethria hoped it remained that way.

                  "Hmm?" Her eyes rolled to stare at the ceiling as she grinned, "You mean I still look fat?"

                  The zipper to her cloak was undone and Dalethria proudly displayed the lack of stomach she had for the last six months. "I take offense to that," she chuckled lightly as the cloak fell loosely to her sides.

                  "Only those on Meras knew of my daughter's birth. Her name is Aliandra."


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                    Athena didnt even look at her sister when she (athena) first sat down. So she didnt notice if her sister was still carring or not. But once Dale had shown her (Athena) her (Dale's) lack of tummy Athena smiled.

                    " A DAUGHTER! "

                    A smile the size of a super nova danced upon the sith knights lips and face.

                    Athena stood from her seat and yelled above the crowd in Rama's.

                    " Members of this Empire. One of our Old members and MY sister has had a daughter. I shall buy the Drinks for the rest of the night. To my Niece Aliandra Mal Pannis! "

                    Athena finally re-took her seat as her sister tried to hide within her cloak that she had just removed.

                    " I cant belive you didnt message me about this.. I would have come to see her and you! "


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                      It was quite evident that Athena was still hyper when good news arrived and her right eye twitched with how loud her Sister was in yelling "A Daughter."

                      But ... it did make her smile that she was able to deliver the special news in person.

                      Her amused gaze look around at the people tonight in Rama's Bar. There was quite a number of people smiling and ordering drinks at Athena's expense.

                      "You do realize that you are going to run up a serious tab? Right?" she said with a wink.

                      "Good thing that namana juice is cheap." Which she emphasized with a quick gulp.

                      "Athena dear ... I had no time to tell you about the birth. It happened to fast to inform anyone ..."

                      Which was an understatement. Not only did Havok lie to her about a little vacation, Dalethria could have lost her child because of that wonderful Master trial that the renown Sith Master had put her through. She was unconscious for days and during that time, Dalethria had went into labor...

                      Blue eyes that were as cold as ice turned dark and angry. She still owed some payback for that deceit ...


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                        Athena smiled as the other members of the Empire seemed happy that they didnt have to pay their own drinking tab for the night.

                        " Yes I am fully aware of just how much of a tab I am going to have. And thankfully I should be able to pay it all off in say a week. "

                        With nothing more then a smile... " Dale how old is your little Darksider? "

                        Athena watched as her sister seemed to be lost in a slight thought after her last sentence. Athena said nothing and was sure it was importante. Probably a Mother thinking of her child.


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                          "Pay it off within a week?" She leaned back in her chair, letting the front legs hover over the floor. "Are we stealing something?" she asked with a curious grin.

                          "Aliandra is a few months old. It's was quite amusing to watch Sorsha and Tirsa figuring out how to change her the first couple of times when I was resting." <img src= ALT=":lol">


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                            "Stealing??, ME? You know it!"

                            Athena smiled as she took a drink of her own glass of wine.

                            " Ooh my how is Sorsha? And I'm sure that was rather fun to watch. "


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                              "Heh ... I would ask what you are stealing but ..." she motioned around the room, "... walls have ears."

                              Her smiled widened in remembering the first time Sorsha took care of Aliandra, "Well, it was interesting. Sorsha wasn't sure what to do and then Tirsa came inside the room. It boiled down to them arguing on what they were suppose to do and their "theories" on doing it." <img src= ALT=":lol">