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    It had been another hard day of training in the life of the Sith Warrior. It seems like that is all he ever did any more. He never really had much time to associate with friends any more. Training and paying reverence to his Master seemed to take up most of his time lately. He had finally had time to get to Rama's for a drink. Smiling as soon as he had came within fifty feet of the establishment, Daegal knew that he had a good friend within.

    As soon as he entered, he looked around and his eyes focused on the Dark Lord seated in a booth at the rear of the bar. Daegal walked past the serving droid and nodded. The droid instantly produced a glass of vodka which Daegal took and continued walking toward the booth.

    As he arrived, he grinned an evil grin and looked at his old friend. "It has been too long, my old friend."

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    That it has. Please, sit.

    *Snack motinoed for Daegal to sit down. It was true that it had been a long while, but that's what one gets for becoming a member of the Empire. Whether it bit small covert missions, giant overt mission, training one's apprentices or being trained himself, the life of a Sith was not an easy one, nor was it filled with relif and lackidaisical days. Snack, too, had been quite busy in the past few months since he had ben granted the rank of Lord. Today must have been an unannounced holiday.*

    How ya been, Dae?


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      Daegal sat down across the table from Snack and sipped his vodka for a moment while looking around the bar. After the pause, he answered.

      "Well, I'm still here, so I guess I can't complain too much, eh?"

      Daegal chuckled slightly.

      "How are your apprentices doing?"


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        They're doing alright, I guess. I haven't seen a few of them since I sent them off to find a Jedi. Though I have faith they will show up again. The others that I do see are doing quite fine.

        *He took a sip of his water, also glancing around the bar.*

        Been keeping youself in trouble, I hope?


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          "But of course. I recently discovered that I have a brother in the Empire, also. Xavier Sadow, perhaps you know of him?"

          Daegal sipped his vodka once more, looking around at the various patrons of Rama's.


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            Xavier? I have heard the name yes, but have not personally met him. Though I am glad to hear that you have family within the Empire.

            *Smiling as he took a sip of water, Snack continued.*

            It's quite difficult to find family in a huge and open galaxy. How did you figure out he was your brother?


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              "I recieved a rather puzzling, encrypted message from my long deceased father. It seems that it was time delayed for several years and just recently arrived."

              Daegal sipped his vodka once more, draining the glass this time. Nodding to a droid that walked by, he turned back to Snack.

              "How has life in the Empire been treating you, Dark Lord?"


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                *Snack nodded as Daegal replied. To have a true family, or to at least remember his true family, would be great. But alas, that would not happen.

                As the droid rolled by taking Daegal's order, Snack called out "water" for himself. Drinking the last of the water in his own glass, Snack answered Dae's question.*

                Life has been hard yet rewarding. So many times have I been able to escape death, and each time I grow stronger and wiser. It's also been keeping me very busy.


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                  Daegal nodded as his friend spoke.

                  "Have you been on any interesting missions as of late?"


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                    Yes and no. I have traveled to my Master's home planet for a short visit and hopefully plan on returning there if I have the time to continue my training. Also traveled to my own home planet and visited with the only family I know of.

                    *The droid came back and set the two glasses on the table. Nodding to it, the droided rolled away to another table to serve it's occupants.*

                    Other than that I haven't really been able to go to much of anywhere. Training and the like keeps me busy.

                    *He took a hold of his glass of water and toko a sip from it before setting it back down on the table.*

                    How about you?