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  • looking around(open)

    Crono sit there looking around the bar. He never really was around here much but he liked talking to the people every once in a while.

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    Zena decided to take a break from training, as she entered the tavern and took a seat at the bar. Once a Mercenary, she sensed a Hunter in the crowd and nodded to him subtly.


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      Crono watched the woman come into the bar and when he seen her nod if figured she noticed him to. He gets up and walks over to the woman and say


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        Zena inclined her head with a slight gesture of a nod to him..

        "Salutations, Bounty Hunter...Have you ever heard of the Mercenaries, The Red Moons? I am curious how they are faring. I would be most appreciative if you have any information to relay onto me of their whereabouts."


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          "sorry I've never heard of them"


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            "So what brings you here? Acquiring acquisitions?"

            Zena knew it was unwise to question a Hunter on his business. She was just checking him out. As a Mercenary, she sometimes worked with Bounty Hunters, and was only curious.


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              "Really I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm just here to have a drink, But if I find some one with a bounty on is head then so be it..I'll just have to have some fun. By the way how did you know i was a bounty hunter?"


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                "We mercenaries have our ways, however, I am no longer with the Red Moons. Disappoint me? No, it is a pleasure to be with one of your caliber. May I join you with a drink?"

                Zena ordered some ale, and motioned over to the Hunter without waiting for a reply. Her brazen demeanor is typical of an ex-soldier of fortune.


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                  "please join me"
                  waits for zena to finish her order. Then orders a drink.
                  "So what is the red moon? I mean from what I understand there mercenaries but beside that I'm drawing a blank.."


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                    "The Red Moons are my family. They reared me from an orphaned child. I owe them my life. But that is the past. I now vow my loyalty and honor to TSE."

                    Zena nods and takes a seat with the Hunter, as her thoughts regress to times of war as a mercenary.


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                      "sound like there nice people....I guess"
                      takes a long drink
                      "I haven't really been in any groups my self...It was me and my sister Keshia for a while but that about it"


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                        "So tell me about yourself...What do you use for your armament?"

                        Zena took a drink of her ale, as she then smiled to the Hunter.


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                          "My the a light saber a gunblade and what ever I can find as I fight"
                          moves his cape so Zena could see them
                          "So in the long run a bunch of junk but I'm upgrading and stuff"


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                            Zena nodded, impressed.

                            "So how are you at hand to hand..Care to go a few rounds?"

                            She was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol, as her fighting spirit wanted to be unleashed.


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                              hesitates then replys
                              "Sure, but I must warn you I'm allot better with weapons"