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  • *Takes a seat in the back*

    :: Dia wanders into Rama's, a place she hasn't spent as much time in as she'd like. She orders a glass of something cool and sweet and waits patiently as the little droid scurries off to fill the order. ::

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    Daegal moved toward the Sith Master. He had heard much about her from his own Master, Dara Shadowtide. He was quite one seemed to know much about her. Deciding that it was finally time to meet her, he walked to her table.

    "Greetings, Master Dia."

    After motioning to a chair across the table from her, he asks, "Is this seat taken?"


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      :: Dia looks up to see Daegal approach her table. Although she hadn't met him yet, she knew a little about him. This would be a perfect opportunity to get to know him a little better. ::

      "Good evening, Daegal."

      :: When he gestured to the chair, she smiled. ::

      "Not at all. Please, join me."


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        Daegal nodded and sat down across from the Sith Master. As a droid arrived, he ordered a glass of brandy. Curiosity overwhelmed him and he spoke to Lady Diamante.

        "So, if I may ask, what took you away from the Empire before?"


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          :: She sighed softly, as if in remembrance of a painful time in her life. ::

          "I lost my biological family in a horrible tragedy long ago. The Empire filled that that empty place for awhile, but I always felt like something was missing in my life. So I went in search of what I thought was missing."


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            Daegal leaned forward, his interest obvious.

            "And did you find it?"


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              "All I found was loneliness. I thought I needed to find a place to call home. I didn't stop to consider that the Empire was my home. So I found what I was looking for after I stopped looking for it."


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                Daegal nods to a droid as his drink arrives. After taking a long drink, he grins.

                "Most interesting. So..have you found your home here now that you have returned?"


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                  "Not only have I found my home, but I've also found the family that I didn't realize I had."

                  :: She smiled a took a sip of her drink. ::

                  "Now, I just have to meet those I don't know yet. I've clung to the shadows for so long that it's hard to come out and meet new people."


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                    Daegal nodded, a dark smile passing over his face as he sipped his drink.

                    "I am sure there are many that would want to me one of your prestige."


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                      "That's very kind of you to say, but regardless of whatever 'prestige' I may have, I still want to meet everyone."

                      :: She takes a sip of her drink and tries to change the subject. ::

                      "So, tell me of yourself."


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                        :: From the Darkest corner a tall, cloaked figure emerges. His hood covers all of his face, he looks like Death himself. He gracfully moves across the floor not making a sound. He passes the table where Lady Dia and Deagal are seated, he turns and bows to both ::

                        Good Evening.


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                          "Well, I am an apprentice to Master Dara Shadowtide. I have one living brother, Xavier Sadow, who is also a Sith Warrior here. My father was killed by my now deceased brother, Casey Murdoch, whose life I ended mercifully."

                          Daegal nodded to Lord Phantom as he approached.

                          "Good evening, Lord Phantom. To what do I owe this pleasure?"


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                            :: Dia raises an eyebrow at Daegal's statement. ::

                            "Quite a family history you have there, my friend. I have to say I'm glad nothing like that happened in my family."

                            :: She looks up and smiles as Phantom approaches. ::

                            "Good evening, Phantom."


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                              "Yes. It is not necessarily something that I am proud of, but it is my past", Daegal said with a slight frown.

                              He sipped his drink, wondering how things would be now if the past were different.