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  • The Dark

    **Sukura sat silent in her usual hidden booth, her icy blue eyes unblinking. She was shivering slightly even though she had her heavy cloak on. Thunder boomed outside and rain smashed itself upon the windows it was dark out even though it was mid-day.**

    **A loud crack of thunder sounded and shook the building, everyone in it paused and listened she did not move nor startle like the rest. Instead she sat and traced her finger round and round the edge of her cup, again and again. Her face was blank no emotion settled on it she just stared off into the dark. The blackness within her mind it scared her and yet all she wished to do was go to it, scared and yet longing to join with the dark void.**

    Pity I'm such a wretch and can't seem to make any sense of this......

    **She snarled at herself and continued tracing her finger around the edge of her cup**

    ((OOC: Umm..dis is open to anyone if ya like to reply or something ><))

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    DarkStar flinched slightly at the loud crash of thunder then cursed himself for a jumpy old fool. He stood, streaching his limbs. Streaching his Force sense as well he noticed the women in the booth near by. Smiling slightly he lifted his drink and glided from one booth to the other. Sitting down gracefully he siped his drink.

    "Mind if I sit down?"


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      **Sukura waved a peice of her flame red hair out of her face and looked up at the Sith Lord, she nodded her head respectively and then replied softly**

      You may join if that is what you wish, My lord..

      **Her icy blue eyes scanned the man that sat across from her and she smiled slightly, misery always loved company**


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        DarkStar inclined his head and took a drink.

        "Please...I am DarkStar, I would prefer if you called me by name, 'my lord' stinks of Imperial military proceedure, something I try to escape here..."

        His cold green eyes settled on her,

        "Tell me, why is such a lovely young girl like yourself so unhappy, it is not becoming...."


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          **Sukura fixed her eyes on his and let out a small sigh**

          Not becoming of me..? Yes I suppose, but a broken heart can lead anyone to be or do anything...

          **The slightest frown fell upon her lips**

          But I must be strong..what Sith lets a petty broken heart get to them...?

          **Her frown then changed for a split second to a bright smile and then back to her emotionless appearence**

          And DarkStar...why would such a honorable man be sitting with such a pathetic person..? Surely it is not good for your reputation?


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            Re: The Dark

            DarkStar gave a slight smile, then in an instant it was gone, replaced by his expressionless mask again.

            "My reputation is not worth the breath it takes to speak of it. Many do not like me, more fear me, I am a loner, a wander, a Waylander. Who I assosiate myself with is my concern and no one else's,"

            DarkStar drained his glass and refilled it before continuing.

            "The heart is the only weapon a true Sith should fear, it has laid low many and will continue to do so for all time. Be they Sith Master or a lowly human, it makes no matter all are defenceless against the heart,"

            He laughed, it was a pleasant sound that Sakura found herself liking. He offered to refill her glass as he continued.

            "But tell me, why does such a lovely lady as yourself have a broken heart?"


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              Re: The Dark

              Many do not like you..? From what I know of you so far you seem to be a bit caring, taking the time to listen to my troubles. And being a loner is nothing to be ashamed of...surely it is better, because no one will hurt you....

              **Sukura smiled again as DarkStar laughed it was almost like a melody, only deeper and some what darker but still full of an odd happiness. This time her smile did not fade. After all laughter was the voice of the soul, you could not help but listen to it.**

              No thank you...I do not need my glass refilled..

              **Her smile still remained on her lips, but as she spoke it was almost fake, and it had faded just slightly**

              I am with a broken heart because sometimes love does not remain in ones heart...He did not love me any longer...I had to let him go I couldn't cling to him like some annoying bug...Only the weak cling and remain the Strong let go and make their own path..


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                Re: The Dark

                DarkStar's own smile faded away, leaving a look of great sadness in his eyes.

                "You are correct, a loner has no one who can hurt them and no one who can feel their pain with them. I have walked both paths, I prefer to have my wife along of for the journey, it makes it...almost plesant,"

                He laughed again, this time the fires in his cold green eyes twinkled and danced. He looked Sukura straight in the eye as he spoke next.

                "I do not believe my dear, that you loved him either. When you truely love someone, they are the other half of your soul and they will love you back. It lasts for all time. Be patient and do not let who ever has done this to you continue to do so."

                He drew his lightsabre, the hilt carved in the shape of a dragon, the beam emurging from the mouth, which at the moment was closed. There was a red jewl mounted behind the dragon's head, the activation button she sumised. DarkStar held the weapon in the flat of his hand and stared at it.

                Take flight,

                He said through the Force to the weapon which, being a semi-sentient living creature obeyed. The wings lifted and streached away from the rest of the body. Underneath were rune that Sukura did not recognise. DarkStar traced his fingers along the runes on one side and looked up at Sukura again.

                "The creed of my Order and now, my personal moto. Endure, in enduring grow strong, do not be heart broken, it is but an illusion, endure this and you will be stronger for it. One day I promice you, you will find true love,"


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                  Re: The Dark

                  **Sukura's smile completely faded and her eyes grew dark, her lips curled almost into that of a snarl and she looked at Darkstar**

                  You say I did not love him back..? I did not love him..? I loved him more than I loved every single one of my friends...I would die for him. For him I gave up everything...for him I changed. I loved him and in loving him the only mistake I made was ignoring my friends....that was my only mistake....

                  **Her anger faded as quickly as it had come and her face looked almost relieved, her eyes were no longer harsh and her mood changed as well.**

                  Forgive my anger...

                  **She hung her head slightly ashamed of her self and then said**

                  Who is your wife..? Surely she must be a wonderful woman, of great beauty as well? You are lucky that you have found true love, as for me I gave up on it a long time ago...long before I came to this place...Long ago when I had a family, but those days are gone and the past should be forgotten, most of the time. Its hard to escape the pain, but it has happened before and I will come through this even stronger than ever before....

                  **Here she glanced up at Darkstar and gave a warm smile and laughed loudly**

                  At least...that's what I'm hoping.


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                    Re: The Dark

                    DarkStar lowered his eyes,

                    "Forgive my presumtion, to assume I know more than I do but I speak from experience yet perhaps I am wrong and perhaps not..."

                    DarkStar laughed again and began to swill the contence of his glass around in an abstract manner for a moment as he seemed lost in thought. At last he looked up again and spoke with a smile.

                    "My wife is beautiful, a fallen angel. I spent along time, longer than you will live, without her, never again. True love is something that everyone has the capasity to find, saddly few ever do and that is a great shame. I hope you are one of the lucky few,"


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                      Re: The Dark

                      **Sukura listened to the words of Darkstar and let them soak into her head, it seemed at least 5 minutes before she spoke again.**

                      How can you find what does not exist...? I mean what is true love, surely it is just finding the male or female fit for mating, simple primordial urges. That's all it may and certainly is. Never trust anything that can think for itself.

                      **Sukura sighed and lowered her head**

                      And yet, it feels so wonderful to be held in someone's arms to be kissed gently, I used to believe I used to praise love, I was an all out believer, but time changes many has changed me.


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                        R: The Dark

                        DarkStar mused over her words for a time, choosing his answer very carfully. When at last he spoke it was slowly and deliberatly, taking care with every word he spoke at last,

                        "In all things there are two sides, in the Force, on a coin. In a person, for everyone there is another half to their soul. True love is finding the other half of your soul,"

                        DarkStar slowly rotated his glass, staring into liquid in the bottom.

                        "Those 'simple primordial urges' as you call them are a part of all races, with the other half of your soul, it is not an urge, it is a rightness, something which sould, no, must be,"

                        DarkStar looked up, looking Sukura in the eyes, his own were dim now, the green fire gone.

                        "The wheel turns, times change, people change, but somewhere out there is the other half of your soul. When you find them, think of this conversation and you will know I am right,"


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                          Re: R: The Dark

                          **Sukura leaned back into the booth and thought for a moment. Her eyes seemed to darken in thought. After a few moments she looked at Darkstar and nodded with a smile.**

                          Perhaps you are right. Maybe I'll think about my thoughts and rearrange them, but still I wish love didn't hurt sometimes..

                          **She sighed slightly, but it wasn't really a sad sigh more one of relief of some sort**


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                            Re: R: The Dark

                            DarkStar smiled as he quoted his creed again,

                            "Endure, in enduring grow strong, the pain makes you stronger and will make you appreciate the real thing more when it comes,"

                            He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, leaning back in the booth,

                            "The only part of true love that hurts is being without it, that hurts more than you can imgine, but the joy of having the other half of your soul there more than makes up for it,"

                            DarkStar looked at the lightsabre and the wings folded away, with a sad smile he replaced the weapon inside the folds of his robe and looked up at Sukura again.


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                              Re: R: The Dark

                              **Sukura nodded, but she didn't really know whether to agree or disagree instead she simply said.**