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Getting back into the old routine

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  • Getting back into the old routine

    Same old scarred table with the same old JD sitting on top of it. Vega stared down into the lines cut into the woodwork and smiled a little; once he would have hated the reminders of the past that lay in the tabletop, but now they gave him a small sense of happiness and marked progression through life.

    In a quick sip, he downed the final contents of his drink, then rose the glass up into the air,


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    ' seems that you are glad of something my can you be as happy as you are with your wifes death?' i said from behind his friend.

    'Cola please bot' i said twisting the chair around to have the back up against my chest.


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      Re: ...

      "Progression, my friend. Gitane's departure was orchestrated by fate,"

      Vega's drink arrived and he paid the tender.

      "True love does not die, however it is apparent that mine has - therefore it is safe to say that Gitane and I were not meant to be."

      He sipped on the JD and smiled at the taste.

      "... I've received quite the blessing as compensation, too."


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        Re: ...

        As light chuckle escaped my lips as the man finished what he said.

        " Foolish words from a intelegent man? think love is from the heart...and dies with that person? is from the soul..and the soul lives fowever...whereever it is."


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          Re: ...

          "Trust love never dies, my friend. If I truly was in love with Gitane, then I still would be now,"

          He glanced about, "And I can assure you, I am not."


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            Re: ...

            The whisper of a passing cloak stopped and the cold green eyes of the Force Vampyre appeared from within the folds of the almost invisible robe.

            "My friend Vega speaks wise words, a man will only love once in his life, how ever long that life may be. That love endures, even after the death of the one they loved...anything else is just an illusion,"

            He paused, searching for the correct wording,

            "A lie that you believe is love, some day young one, you will understand,"

            DarkStar pulled a chair to the table and a droid glided over to deposit a glass of water infront of him. A single leather glove emurged from the folds of the cloak to raise the glass to his lips, invisible beneath the hood.


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              Re: ...

              Zena looked up at Dark Star from her table in the corner, as she nodded to him and the other Sith Lord, as well the Sith Warrior..

              "Love is an appendage of ones spirit, interfused with another, in a heated bliss of enrapture. I have yet to taste this privileged unification. I have known comrades whom have died to protect their beloved. So would the case be with me. I would honor him till my death."

              She drank from her ale, pondering on the past with the mercenaries.


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                Re: ...

                Vega smiled at the arrival of Lord DarkStar, offering a smile in welcome.

                "Wise words, my friend. Wise words."

                He took up his drink once more, yet only held it close to his lips.

                "I think that this new blessing will be more close to achieving the true euphoria."

                The Lord drunk a little of his drink then, glancing over towards Zena.

                "You're welcome to join us," he said through the force.


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                  Re: ...

                  Sith Lord Vega's words beckoned her over with a spoken tinge born of the Dark Force, as they accessed her mind, collaring her attention. She nodded to him and motioned over.

                  "Thankyou, Vega."


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                    Re: ...

                    " fail to rearlise i was once married myself and lost a child and mother at the birth when i was part of the please spare me the talk of love..." i said looking towards him with face of annoyence...


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                      Re: ...

                      DarkStar looked Sieken dead in the eye and held his gaze before answering.

                      "I spent 500 years without my wife, I saw her die and had to live with that for longer than you will exist. Then I found her to be still alive...You have no concept of true love."

                      DarkStar sipped the ice cold water, feeling it slide down his throat towards his equally cold heart, he nodded to Zena before speaking to Sieken once more.

                      "And never call me mister, not if you want to live long enough to become a knight, it is a title I do not appreciate, Call me Dark, or DarkStar, or Lord DarkStar, I care not, but never mister"


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                        Re: ...

                        Taking a seat between the others, she sipped her ale, declining to interfere with the escalating dispute. She shifted towards Lord Darkstar.

                        "Must be gratifying to have her back after so many years, Lord Darkstar. I envy your passion and loyalty to endure the test of time."


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                          Re: ...

                          DarkStar nodded to Zena.

                          "Gratifying it is, though time is not and has never been an issue to my people. I would wait another 500 for her if I had to, though I would not wish it,"

                          He sipped his drink again

                          "I grieved for her, believing her lost, I did not have to hold onto the passion for that long, finding her rekindled it,"

                          He looked into his nearly empty glass,

                          "But tell me my dear, for I am not wise yet in the lives of this place's members, who is the man that you love so deeply?"


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                            Re: ...

                            Zena sighed at his question.

                            "I have no one. My heart is barren, though I yearn for a companion."

                            She held up her glass mirroring her despair. She suddenly changed the subject.

                            "I am a soldier. Why love when it can be stolen by an enemy's blade."


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                              Re: ...

                              DarkStar lent back in his chair for a moment before answering her.

                              "When you love someone, there is a need to protect them, when you do, there is a sense of fufilment. The enemy's blades come no where near my wife, I see to that,"

                              He swilled the last dregs of his water before drinking it.

                              "You will love Dark one, have no fear of that, and you will be loved. Of this I have no doubt, be patient, your time will come,"

                              Falling silent again DarkStar motioned the droid to refil his glass.