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  • Nauseating

    That was what a lot of them were; the scum that drifted in and out of the bar like backwater. They were nothing more than the putrid undertow of a corrupt society, wallowing away their lives in a pit of alcohol driven depression and poverty. Just watching them drink away their lives made him feel sick.

    Salem gulped down another glass of ice water to keep the bile at bay. The Disciples shoulders rose up, hunched a little as he stared down into the grain of the table before him. He really didn't know why he was here. Maybe it was to convince himself that he was above it all, or that his life was so much better than his; a little confidence boost if you will. Perhaps.

    "Another water," he barked, eyes always focused downwards, staring at nothing.

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    *Who was this? Snack hadn't recognized him when he entered the bar, yet a distictive anger and darkness rose about the man as he made his way to the bar.

    Removing himself from the his perch in his regular booth, the Dark Lord made his way over to the bar, and took a standing spot next to the man. Nodding to him, Snack ordered himself an Alderaan Ale.*



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      The nerve in his left temple twitched. Salem looked up to the location of the voice and opened his mouth slowly to speak.


      His head turned back down to the replenished ice water, and he blinked once. A deep power radiated from the man by him, yet he had not a clue whom he was.


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        *The barkeep poured the Ale in a glass and handed it to Snack. Taking it, he took a sip and set it on the counter. The sweet taste of the Ale pleased him. Smirking, he looked back at the stranger.*

        What brings one such as yourself to a bar filled with scum, villany, and Sith?


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          "There are little other places I can retreat to here at the Empire," Salem spoke quietly.

          "Watching all of the villany and scum is an excellent way to boost ones self opinion," he said with a slight smirk.

          There was a drawn out silence, "... You're a Sith Lord here, aren't you?"


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            *He laughed lightly at Salem's remark, before sipping again at his Ale.*

            Your insights serve you well. Though I seem to think of myself as a Dark Lord more so than a Sith Lord.

            *There was another pause before Snack broke this silence.*

            The name's Darth Snack. Though people call me Snack for short. And you are...?


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              "Ave. Salem Ave. Disciple to Laran Katern,"

              He said it like he was programmed too, robotic. Salem looked up at 'Snack' and gave him a nod of respect and faint smile.


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                Nice to meet you, Salem.

                *He held up his glass and and tipped his head towards Salem. Downing the rest of his Ale, he orded one more.*

                I trust you've been able to make yourself feel at home here?


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                  "Certainly, my lord. I've made myself fairly comfortable there, though I've yet to find permanent dwellings... I prefer to stay off shore at my home."

                  Was the Dark Lord drinking ale? It smelt like it. Salem shuddered slightly.

                  "I'm not at home with all of the customs here, though."


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                    They'll sorta grow on you once you're here for a while.

                    *The barkeep set the second glass of ale on the countertop, nodding his head as Snack gave him the credits required. He glanced slightly over to Salem as he shuddered when the Lord reached out to his ale.*

                    Why the shudders?


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                      "That ... liquid that you drink,"

                      Salem's lips pursed into an uncomfortable look at the thought of the ale.


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                        *His eyes traveled from Salem's to his own drink. Smirking, he held it up and swirled it in front of his face. Glancing back at Salem, Snack put the drink down, and cleared his throat from a on coming cough.*

                        Not a fan of ale, I take it?


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                          "Ah....theres the newbie...and the so called......goth?" i said with a quiver of an eyebrow.


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                            "Alcohol of any kind is putrid ... though that is my opinion and mine alone, it seems."

                            Salem glanced sideways at Sieken. This Warrior seemed a tad jealous that Salem had also taken apprenticeship under his Master.

                            "Better a goth than a bitter fool."


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                              And a wise opinion at that. It only clouds minds further than what they already are.

                              *He finished his Ale in one swift gulp, before turning his attention to Sieken. Looking at him first, then to Salem, then back to Sieken, Snack remained quiet.*