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  • A new Bar?

    Well no, Ren was sure that this bar had been up for a few years. It was just new for Ren to be in. The child of darkness made her way over to a table. She noticed all the eyes that seemed to watch her as she walked.

    Ren thought to herself... {You know Ren you are going to get yourself killed.}

    Ren took the seat at the table and ordered a bottle and a glass of JD. Something she had learned to drink young, to young.

    Her pale purple shirt seemed to be illuminated by the dim lights of the Bar.

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    "Your conscience is right, girly."

    Eve grinned. Sitting at her usual spot on the counter, her feet resting on a chair. Next to her were a few empty bottles, in her hand, a half-empty one. The Sith Knight looked at the newcomer, her head tilted to the side.

    "What brings you here, girly ?"


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      Ren looked at the lady sitting on the bar. She looked strong and deadly more then likely she was. Her manners showed she was a higher ranked member of this Empire. Although the empty bottles marked she had a long day.

      " The same thing as you it seems. Thirst. "


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        "The same thing as me ? I doubt it. Thirst, you say ? Can't judge a book from its cover."

        Eve smiled, finishing her drink in one shot, then putting it next to the few empty bottles. The transgenic is never hungry, nor thirsty. The transgenic only kills to drown her pain in blood. She closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them again, staring at the girl.

        "What's your name ?"


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          " Renja DeLane, and you? "

          Ren looked around and noticed many different people in the bar. This one could drink and hold her drink.... wow.

          " So what all do people do around here? "


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            "Aur-- ...Eve Siren."

            Though the numerous bottles of liquor Eve had finished, she had never been really drunk. She could either pretend it, or just leave whenever the Empire threw a party. She looked in direction of Renja's gaze, gazing at the people in the bar.

            "What do they do ? They drown their sorrows, dear."


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              She smirked as Eve answered her. Nothing was ever that bad to drowned sorrows. She looked up as the little driod finally returned with her order.

              " So Eve Siren....What do you do here. "

              Ren looked about again and then to Eve once more. She motioned for the Lady to join her at the table instead of sitting on the bar top.


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                Renja invited Eve to sit near her, but Eve shook her head. Drunk or sober, happy or sad, she never trusted strangers. She motioned the barman for another drink with a snap of her fingers. He gave her another bottle, but warned her that it wasn't very good. She shrugged, threatened him calmly and drove him away. Going back to Renja, Eve twisted the bottle cap, hearing a slight PSSH.

                "What do I do ? I'm a Sith Knight in this Empire, girly. I kill. That's all I do."


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                  After having listened to the two talking for some time, Vega had finally gotten agitated enough to speak.

                  " Why are you adding the suffix 'girly' to the end of every sentence, Eve?"


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                    "Does it bother you, Vega ?"

                    Eve looked at her blood brother arrogantly, but with a sarcastic smile. Vega always seemed to listen to someone's conversation, somehow, so it wasn't anything new to her.


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                      "Yes. You sound like some deranged little school girl."

                      Vega grinned back at his sister darkly. He really did enjoyed getting her worked up.


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                        "Little school girl ? Could be."

                        Eve chuckled, taking a quick sip of her bottle of beer.

                        "Deranged ? Certainly, dear brother. You know that."


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                          Ren watched the two talk as she just sipped her glass of JD. She had nothing to say except.

                          " Care to join us? "


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                            Vega smiled as Eve spoke, grinning lopsidedly. He nodded to the pale skinned girl she'd been talking with.

                            "Sure.. always have time to get drunk."


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                              Ren smiled...

                              " wonderful, I just hope you get drunk better then Miss Siren here does. No offence at all Eve. "

                              Ren looked about and found the little R2 unit, she told it to bring what ever this man normally drank to the table. It beeped and hooted at her. She looked at it oddly.

                              " I think its busted... Care for some JD? "

                              The little tin machine whistled and wheeled away.