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Chocolate Milk... (Drink of the Sith)

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  • Chocolate Milk... (Drink of the Sith)

    The Sith Knight made her way into the Bar and over to the bar keep. Her friend would be there soon.

    The bar keep asked what she would like to drink. Athena ordered two double chocolate milks.

    " One for me and the other for my firends who is on her way. "

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    ::Saharia stepped into the bar and cuaght sight of Athena who had shouted her a chocolate milkshake. Walking over there she smiled and sat down::

    Greetings, I see you beat me to the bar.


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      " Yes and much like many Sith. After a hard days work of mayhem and distruction. I and I see you need a nice cold glass of Chocolate Milk. Or a Milk Shake."


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        It can take a lot out of you that hard work. Too much fun and not enough energy. yes, let us revive our strength with chocolate milk

        ::Her hands snaked around the blessed drink::


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          :: Dara shows up and sees two glasses of chocolate milk and wonders if Athena has more hidden somewhere ::

          "Hey there girls."


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            :: hits the bartop and gets the barkeeps attention. ::

            " Another Chocolate Milk over here. A big glass for the Master. "

            :: She smiled at her Master. ::

            " Greeting Master Shadowtide. Would you join us? "


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              :: Dara smiled to her apprentice and Saharia ::

              "Certainly. I'd love to. So, what is the occasion we are toasting to in chocolate tonight?"

              :: The large glass of chocolate milk arrives and she looks over at the two Sith and winks ::


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                :: hummmm... ::

                " Well there is always the Distruction and Mayhem, or the fact a girl just need Chocolate sometimes. "

                :: Athena returned the smile to her Master, then looked over at her counter part in crime. ::


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                  :: Dara smiled and nodded and raised her glass in a toast ::

                  "To destruction, mayhem.. and chocolate!"

                  :: She took a long sip and then turned to the two ladies seated with her ::

                  "How have you all been?"

                  :: Dara noticed that they were staring at her, and then she laughed and grabbed a napkin, wiping the chocolate mustache from her upper lip ::


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                    Athena knew better then to laugh at her Master. Although she could hardly hold back the laughter. Athena herself took a nice long drink of her ice cold drink.

                    " I am well, and My partner here... I don't know. "