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  • The Birthday Boy Arrives

    Ah! who cares...i was 22 years old today, big deal. Sieken Kasstra 22 years family hates me for leaving the NR to be a killer, a blood sheder "A discrace to the family" in there own words.

    I sat there taking in they bars atmosphere and watching the others chatter...laugh and have another turn of a page in the book of life. I kept a low profile..hopeing noone would notice it was my 22nd and hoped to god noone view my Sith Profile in the datapads..."Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday" i mocked to myself slamming the rest of the JD down my throat.If somone says that to me i think i will skin that person alive.

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    Sieken's vision vanished as two hands came from behind him, covering over his eyes. From behind him a voice spoke, breathing warm air gently onto the side of his neck.

    "Happy Birthday,"

    There was a soft laugh and pause.

    "Guess who?"


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      A womans voice, light and soft..her hands just as soft and warm, her voice like last time imet her, sent a buzz right through my body. Of course beaing me i tryed to play it cool.

      ' Let me think...ugh...a woman that bandaged my foot up only about 2 weeks ago and wouldent let me complement her for love nore money?' i said sharply, i just knew someone would remember.

      ' Hello Aura..take a seat and have a drink on my tab' i said waving over a driod..her hands still covering my eyes


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        Taking her hands away from his eyes, she paced around so that she could take a good look at Siekens face.

        "You don't look all that happy, Kasstra,"

        Aura set her hands on her hips, head canted somewhat as she smiled down at her friend.

        "It's your birthday, you should be partying... or doing whatever you darksiders do on your birthday!"


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          ' Party? anyone gives a crap around here' i said slumping back in the chair picking up my bottle for comfot.


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            "Well, they might not. But I remember, didn't I? And guess what? I got you a present!"

            Aura opened the satchel that hung over her shoulder and pulled out a small neatly wrapped box. She placed down on the table infront of Sieken.

            "Go on, open it."