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  • a celebration

    after recieving his new title jenobi headed for Rama's. As he entered he nodded at familiar faces, and at ones that weren't too familiar. he went to the bar and ordered some fine wine, and began to drink it. the others in the bar could tell something was different, but some just couldn't put their finger on it. jenobi thought " Sith Warrior Jenobi, it has a nice ring to it", and began to pat a spot on his cloak where his dagger was hidden. then he drank some more.

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    ~Alisa steps into the bar, hearing of a celebration due to a new rank being earned in the Sith Empire. Looking around, she spots jenobi and then heads over to his table.~

    "Hello there. I don't believe we have met. I am Alisa Sha. I understand that congratulations are in order on your promotion. Great job! Is this where you are having the big party?"

    ~She smiles.~


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      Vega smiled and watched his apprentice. He thought on back to when he had become a Warrior and how he had felt so proud to have achieved the title. It was an excellent feeling to have, and the buzz Jenobi would get from it would linger for a long time.


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        after a while of waiting someone came up to Jenobi, he turned around to see who it was but he never really met her before..didn't seem to be a bad person to look at"why are we thinking this?" jenobi's thought's just cut in. "Hello Alisha, yes this is where it was being held but i don't know how many will show up." "so how have you been doin Ms. Sha?"


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          ~Alisa smiled at jenobi.~

          "I'm doing just great tonight. How are you?"


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            i'm fine, just thinking..why don't you have a drink with me?