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  • An entrance...

    :: Michin walks into the bar and he looks around at the surroundings. He takes a liking to the dark atmosphere as he heads to the bar to get a drink from the bartender...

    "...Red Wine"

    He looks down at the glass of wine and he takes the goblet into his hand as soon as it it put upon the bar. He turns from the bartender, his long black hair flowing with him in every step. His cloak moves back and forth as if whispering to the wind it's taletell desires.

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    Alana watches the man from her table as he orders his drink. She had not seen him around Rama's before. He captures her attention as he moves with a grace she usually only sees in vampyres.

    Picking up her blood meed she sips at it, her eyes taking in the newcomer. Opening her mind she sent a soft message with the force. "Wont you join me for a drink. I would enjoy some company." She smiled at the man when he turned to look at her raising her glass to let him know she was the one that had sent the message. There was something dark and deadly about this one that appealed to her.


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      His face turned to look at the woman. He had just a moment ago received a message for him to accompany someone and this must be her. He walks over to her table and looks at her face, something is different about her, aside from her beauty...

      "...Thank you for the seat. I am afraid I do not know your name..."

      Michin takes the seat and sits down, leaning back into the backrest. He sips at his Wine as he awaits what her reaction is to his words...


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        Alana smiled as the man sat down. "I'm Alana and you are?" She did not tell him that she was a vampyre she had done that before and not gotten a good reaction to it. There was something fascinating about this one. "You are a Sith here?"She asked with a raised brow she could sense that he was not a Jedi his aura was pleasantly dark.

        Alana moved forward looking at him closely he had a strong mind one she would love to delve into. She had a love for going into minds and playing with peoples dreams and memories but this one she had a feeling his mind was to strong and set for that...


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          Why was she looking at him like that? He knew she had an alterior motive in her mind, he would no doubt soon find out..."It is a pleasure...Alana. I am Michin Troval..." He looks at her face and ponders what is different about her from the rest...

          "...Yes, I am a sith here. I recently joined..."


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            Alana nodded at him. "Its a wonderful place to learn and there are some great people about. I train here with Sith Master Jedah Lynch. We have a lot in common He and I." She said with a laugh. She flashed her teeth at him without thinking, her two sharp ones though retracted were more than apparent. "Tell me about yourself Michin. What is it you are looking for in this sweet darkness if I may ask?"


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              He saw the teeth immediatly and knew. A vampyre. He had heard of them throughout the galaxy but had never met one before. He was intrigued to learn more about them, the stories had always fascinated him...

              " I came here in search of power, and to bend the universe to my will....Jedah Lynch, I have heard some about him. My master is Dara Shadowtide. "

              He arches his brow to study more of her features, his eyes going back to her fangs, the rather large canines.


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                Alana's eyes glimmered with mirth as she watched his eyes dart to her mouth. She could see by the interest in his eyes that he had figured out what he was. "Master Shadowtide yes I have heard of her and she to is a great master." She leaned back in her chair sipping her blood meed. "So are you going to tell me about yourself Michin. Or perhaps we can have question for question. You ask me one an I will answer and ask you one. " Alana laughed she wondered why he seemed to avid answering questions about himself...


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                  "Yes, Master Shadowtide I believe is an excellent teacher..." He looked back to her fangs as they were still atop her lips, they were interesting how sharp they were. He wondered if she craved other's blood, and if she ever actually took in that ritual of the hunt.

                  " That seems to be a fine idea...Please, ask away.."

                  He takes another sip of his wine again and closed his eyes momentarily, then looked back to her and waited for her question. He had many questions for her, not only just about her, but the race that she was a part of. For she was a vampyre, and maybe he would be bale to learn more about them through her.


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                    Alana smiled. This was going to be interesting it was a good way to find out about others and she was curious about him. "Well, lets see. How is I that you found your way to the darkside? What made you choose to be a Sith?" She was always curious about that she had her own reasons. She had never been a lightsider nor had she been a darksider until she was turned.


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                      :: A feeling of overwhelming Evil enters Rama's as a cloaked figure emerges from the door way. He moves silently as he glides across the floor. The bartender looks at the figure and nods, he reaches under the bar and brings up a bottle. He sets it down and nods once more before returning to his cleaning ::


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                        "I found my way to the Dark Side when I was merely wandering the streets of my home planet and I was disgusted at how everyone thought they were. Everyone was so in depth with the 'light' I got fed up with it. I fought out against them and learned to hate them all..."

                        His eyes watched her as he kept on answering the rest of her question. He sighed and took another sip of his drink, his eyes peered up from the goblet to hers...

                        "I chose to be a sith due to the fact that the Jedi kept preaching their ways, that were blatantly wrong. And everyone around them seemed to listen to them. I took the battle to them...."


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                          Alana nodded as he spoke she could see that he to had become tired of the lightsider and there nonsense. "They always throw it in your face how right they were and how wrong you were. What was humanity without being able to express your feelings? Lightsiders in her opinion would pretend not to feel anger but she had found that they just repressed it and not very well. The Sith had learned to harness there hate and use it for power. To take what was naturally felt and make it work for them. She to had grown weary of the Jedi and there ways." She said with a sneer on her lips.

                          "So what is it you would like to ask me?" Alana wondered what he would want to know about her.


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                            Nodding in agreement he looked to the figure he saw before when he made his request to join. He looked back to Alana and thought about his question before he asked it. He looked to her fangs once more and opened his mouth to speak...

                            "How did you come to be a Vampyre? What is it like to be one?..."

                            ...He was very curious about her being who she was, and what she was. Vampyre's were very mystical, and shrouded in mystery, maybe now he could have light shed on what they were.


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                              Alana smiled she knew he had guessed that she was a vampyre. He had been looking at her fangs for some time now. "I haven't been a vampyre for very long now." She answered her eyes taking on a distant look as she thought back to when she had been turned. I was looking for a job a bounty to be exact when a man entered. He had an aura like no other, dark evil and utterly fascinating. He happened to know my uncle and he recognized me. He invited me to meet his master "Saurron," He showed me things that horrified me and fascinated me and drew me to he power he wielded. I went to the Coven and met my former master "Saurron and was give a choice to become a vampyre. I chose to become. He gave me the dark gift and I accepted it willingly. The things I saw were wondrous when I first truly opened my eyes to the night. There is so much more t see than a human can know. If I could take you back to my turning you could see the power of it all." She said softly lost in memory.

                              "Would you allow me to show you, will you let me enter your mind and share this with you?" Her eyes glimmered at the thought of showing him the wonders through her eyes..