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    In Lana's life, everything seemed to end way too soon for her. Whether it be friendships, relationships, or the loss of her family, there was always a common denominator.
    From the silence of her table in the back of Rama's Bar, she sipped from a half-filled glass of water-- A drink she would only tolerate when she wanted some time to think. And she was thinking... Thinking about what all went wrong in her life that made everything that happened so. When Lana looked to her parents, however, it seemed that what they had lasted, even after the death of Tia, her mother.

    "I swore to your mother that I would stay with her 'Till death parted us,' but even after that I wanted to remain true."

    Recollections of her past. Again. She blinked a few times, the image and voice of her father fading again into the shadows. What was it about love that Lana couldn't grasp?
    Perhaps it was the whole process. She pondered this..
    Yeah, it seemed so. She found herself rushing into things, and the things she rushed into didn't seem to hold strong. Or true, like her mother and father's love. Someone commented on their companionship once... Her grandfather? Yes... It was he who told the tale of the two young lovers.

    "--It took your father a good 15 years to gather some sense in his brain. I told him time and time again, 'That's the woman for you,' but did he listen? ...Eventually, yeah. After I bashed his head in a few hundred times...!--"
    "--I think the whole courtship ritual that was customary for your mother had it's effects. Prolonged...--"

    Lana shook her head furiously, trying to drown out the voice of her elder guardian. Then she stared off, emotionlessly. What he had said was true. Back in the church, that's how they did it. Courtship...

    "...What a burden..."

    Lana slumped down in her chair, thinking out loud. Again, she grasped her glass of water and downed it in one gulp.

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    Daegal entered Rama's quickly, making his way to the bar. It seemed like he had become so familar with the bar lately. It was the only place that he could get peace for a moment, apart from during his training.


    It seemed like that was all Daegal had time for anymore. He woke up, and trained. And trained. And trained. Then he slept. Sometimes, he even skipped sleep to continue his training.

    It was not for nothing, though. The Sith Warrior could feel his power increasing with each passing day. Every day he learned something new about the Dark Side, something to make him a more powerful weapon in the name of his Master and his Empire.

    He often wondered what kept him at the Empire, what kept him training day after day with no break in sight. Each time that he thought about it, he only came up with one answer. The answer was the same every time, regardless of the different approaches that he took in thinking about the question at hand. Always the same.


    Loyalty was the most important thing to Daegal because it was all that he had left. His family, apart from his new-found brother, were all destroyed. His pride, his honor, his humility...all destroyed. The Dark Side had consumed all within him save for his undying loyalty. He vowed that nothing would ever consume his loyalty because it was so important to Daegal, as well as his late father.

    Looking up from his drink at the bar, the Sith Warrior saw a friend sitting at a booth in the back. Lana Westbrooke, as she was known. Daegal and Lana had conversed several times before and it was obvious that he had feelings for her. He just wasn't sure if she felt the same.

    Weakness! Daegal's own voice resounded in his head. He knew that relationships and feelings were the way of the Jedi, not of the Sith, but he could not force his feelings for this woman out of his head. He knew that he would have to address the feelings or they would consume him completely.

    Rising to his feet, he walked over to the booth where she sat. "Good evening, Lana."


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      Her gaze rose to her friend, Daegal, who now stood close to her table. Smiling, Lana nodded, straightening up in her chair again.
      "Good evening, Daegal. Care to join me?"
      "--...In feeling sorry for myself...?"
      She kicked herself, hard, yet somehow managed to keep her pleasant smile pasted upon her lips. Her hand gestured a free seat for him to sit at, if he so chose to.


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        Daegal smiled at her friendlieness.

        "She is so kind", he thought to himself.

        "Thank you, I believe I will."

        He sat down across from her and smiled, just merely being in her presence having put him in a better mood.

        "So, how have you been?"


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          "Hmm.... Well, it's been good."
          This was more than the truth itself, in every case.
          "I'm well. Carmune is well. I'm taking good care of it, or what's left of it. Training is well, as always. I tell you, we have the best master in all the galaxies."
          Lana laughed quietly, then brushed her hair back gently. Her eyes strayed off timidly, but somehow found their way back to the man opposite of her. For some time, she stared, before waking back into reality.
          "...Um, what about you?"


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            "Well, I can't quite remember what has been happening before I came into Rama's. have caused my memory to be wiped nearly blank."

            He winked at her as he finished his sentence.


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              Lana blinked a few times, generating within her head what he meant by saying that. Her cheeks burned lightly as her gaze fell to the tabletop.
              "...Heheh.... So..."
              Nervously, her finger subconsciously twirled and played with a loose stand of her flowing hair. Lana kept her eyes fixed on her emptied glass, trying best to keep this conversation going.
              "--So how are things going at the Estate?"


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                "Well, okay, I guess. I haven't been back there since just after your visit, though. Training is taking up so much of my time.."

                Daegal noticed her empty glass and smiled.

                "Would you like another drink?"


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                  "Please... Some red wine."
                  Lana looked up at Daegal before looking around the bar for another droid. She caught the attention of one and waved it over. Immediately, the droid followed it's silent orders.
                  "Did you want anything else...?"


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                    "No, this is plenty for me."

                    When the droid asked how the drinks would be paid for, Daegal growled for a brief second.

                    "Put it on my tab and I suggest you get your manners reprogrammed."

                    Turning back to Lana, his face faded back to the smile that it was before. He slowly moved one of his hands onto the table, next to hers.

                    "So, what is new with you?"


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                      "Well... Nothing really."
                      It pained her to lie, even if it was a white one. If she were still believing heavily in certain aspects of her religion, she'd have many sins...
                      "--I can't help but feel sorry for those droids though."
                      She smiled softly to her friend. The sudden subject change had better deem worthy in saving her *** from the previous one.


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                        Sensing a minute ripple in the force around him, Daegal knew that his last question had not been the right one to ask her. His smile fading for a moment before coming back quickly, he thought about her last statement.

                        "And why is that?"


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                          "Well they're soulless beings that have no say over they're actions. Poor things..."

                          Having pity for inanimate objects, Lana realized, was going too far. It had to be her aunts doing.
                          Shaking her head, Lana felt like changing the subject. She said nothing. Instead, she looked to Dae again, thinking to herself.

                          "Daegal, why do you look at me so... well, so like you do?"

                          It was weird. No one had looked at her that way in a long time. It worried her, because she didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. It seemed she'd forgotten when she looked on at him. Something in his eyes, she figured.
                          But, oh, how she wanted to know, and she silently wished on it being on the good side of things.


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                            Daegal grinned as he heard her response. Nodding silently, he gazed into her eyes. Something about her eyes had taken him. Drawing him in closer and closer, he felt like he couldn't escape. He blurted out obnoxiously, "Lana, you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. I am lucky to even be in your presence."

                            He turned his head immediately and looked back after a second. "I apologise. That was out of line."


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                              "Wha...? Well... I...I...--"
                              The scolding resumed in her cheeks as her eyes fell to the tabletop again. Stuttering words didn't help any, so Lana took a breath and recollected her thoughts.
                              "--...I don't know about that... There are wayprettier women out there."
                              She kept her eyes on the tables surface.