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  • A new face....

    Shade walked into Rama's and went for a table in the middle of the room. He would not hide or back down, and he got plenty of stares as he sat down and closed his eyes as he leaned back. For a few moments there was silence, and the Shade leaned forward and looked around.

    "Wht you people looking at?"

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    The Sith Knight was at her table when Shade came in... She was used to seeing Nash, Xazor, and Verse.. this one was new.

    " What are we looking at... well that is what we, are all wondering. Care to enlighten us? "


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      Shade looked at the young woman and nodded.

      "Very well....I am Jedi Knight Shade Magus from the Greater Jedi Order....and you are?"


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        She looked upon the Jedi and smiled. Her naturally Ice cold smile adorned her lips.

        " Other then a nightmare, I am Athena, Sith Knight of the Sith Empire. "


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          Shade smiled. Some say he had a warm smiled and he sure hoped he did right now.

          "Pleased to meet you Athena. So...what is good to drink in this here joint?"


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            "well there is the local favorite. JD, or there is my personal favorite the red wine. And a wonderful White wine. Juice is good here, and the water. I have never had colder. "

            His smile was warm, could almost warm a Siths heart. But if it did then they were not a Sith.


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              Shade perked up asher hear wine.

              "Did you say red wine?? That is my favorite drink. It isn't that expensive here is it?"


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                Athena waved over a little driod and ordered two glasses of Red Wine. The little driod beeped and wondered why she (athena) would need to order two glasses. She waved it away.

                She looked over at the Jedi.

                " No its not, and its on my tab. "


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                  Shade smiled and nodded his thanks.

                  "Thank you m' seems this place is quite different from what I imagined......"


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                    " It can and it can't be. It depeneds on your attitude and the others around you. "


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                      "Well my attitude is pretty calm right now.....and from what I can see the people around me aren't like what I have heard all this time."


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                        Athena smiled a devlish smile..

                        " ooh we can be... "


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                          <Syren watched as the Lady Athena conversed with yet another Jedi. She sighed in disgust and took a sip of her own JD. It seemed like every day a new Jedi arrived ... obviously Rama's was becoming quite famous.>


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                            Shade gave a sly smile.

                            "Ohhh really......welll...I'll believe it whn I see it."


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                              ::Verse stood dumbfounded. He couldn't even get a god-Forsaken drink without getting in trouble here. Now Shade was getting drinks on a Sith's tab. This was some @#%$. A big pile of @#%$.::