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Trying to get out and meet people..

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  • Trying to get out and meet people..

    Xavier slowly walks into Rama's and glances around. He cracks his neck lightly and moves to a table next to the wall slowly. He tosses the bottom edges of his trenchcoat back before he sits down and leans his chair back.

    The young Sith Warrior props his feet upon the table, crossing his right ankle over his left as he waves off a service droid and glances around.

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    <Suddenly Xavier could feel a light tap on his shoulder. When he turned around to see who it was, he saw a red-haired woman looking down at him.>

    "... Hello."


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      Xavier turns his head and nods, giving a slight smile to the woman. A chair slides out from the table with just a small motion of his hand.

      "Greetings. Care to join me?"


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        "May I?"

        <It was a rather rhetorical question, and that was quite obvious as soon as she sat down in the chair he had made come out. Canting her head to the side somewhat, her blue eyes observed him.>

        "I haven't seen you around the Empire before ..."


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          Xavier slides his hands back through his long blonde hair and ties it up in the back. He yawns slightly, closing his eyes a little as he does then opens them as he stops yawning.

          "I've.. kept to myself mostly.."


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            "Ah ... I myself have just begun to socialize with others."

            <Pushing aside a lock of orange-red hair away from her face, Syren sighed a little.>


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              Xavier smiles at her a little and leans back a little more in his chair. He waves over a service droid.

              "Would you like something to drink?"


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                <Smiling slightly back at him, Syren nodded.>

                "Yes, please. I'd like a glass of Chambourd Liquor,"

                <She spoke to the droid and then glanced at him.>

                "And you?"


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                  Xavier looks up to the droid and wets his lips lightly.

                  "Correlian Ale.."

                  He slides his right hand back through his hair slowly and looks back to Syren.


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                    <The droid whisked away to prepare their orders, leaving them alone.>

                    "So, what is your name? Or should I ask, the name you go by?"


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                      Xavier smiles and chuckles quietly for a moment.

                      "I go by my birth name. Xavier Sadow.. and your's?"


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                        "Syren Lysandor. It's nice to meet you, Sir Xavier."

                        <She leaned back in her chair comfortably.>


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                          Xavier smiles and gives her a slow nod.

                          "Not to meet you as well, Syren. How long have you been in the Empire?"


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                            "A couple of months .. possibly longer."

                            <She shrugged slightly.>

                            "And what is your rank at the Empire?"


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                              Xavier nods his thanks to the droid as their drinks come. He takes a sip of the ale and looks to Syren again.

                              "Warrior.. and your's?"