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  • Luck be a Lady Tonight

    Ket sat in the bar alone,at a table shrouded in darkness in the back. He sighed lightly. All of his travels,all of his fondest memorys,and not one with a lady be his side. Perhaps it suited him,but he would beg to differ. Alas,there was one woman whom he had his eye on,but that would never come to fruitation. But perhaps he would find someone,or rather,someone find him. So there he sat,sipping his usual 2/5ths of Jack Daniels,wondering,thinking...

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    Athena walked into Rama's about her normal time. As she entered she noticed Ket sitting where she normally does. So she ordered her glass of red wine and had it sent to her table. Then after the glass was dropped off and Ket was looking at the driod rather oddly. Athena snuck up behind Ket and whispered in his ear.

    " You left, and I took over the table. But seeing how you are back, I might have to share. "

    She walked around so Ket could see who had made him jump in his seat. And almost knock over his 2/5 of JD.


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      Ket grumbled lightly,damn near making him spill JD was practicly a death sentance. But when he turned to see Athena,he quickly forgot about it. He smiled lightly,and chuckled.

      "Hell,I don't mind sharing. Just depends on who."

      He motioned to the seat across from him where the Wine was dropped off,sipping his JD quietly.


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        She smiled and almost laughed to herself. His actions where that of a true Sith. Dont **** me off. I bite!

        Athena took the offered seat and lifted her wine to her lips for a drink. Apprently the other Sith would share the table now.

        " So tell me Ket, where all did you go when you left? "


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          Ket leaned back in his seat,sipping that JD.

          "Well,I went from system to system,searching for answers. I only know bits and pieces of my past and my family. the only thing im sure of is that Vega is my blood brother..."


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            She took another sip of her wine as Ket spoke. She listened and wondered...

            " Would it make a difference if Vega was not your blood brother? "

            She may have misunderstood his comment. But Athena had her own blood sisters.

            " Beats my family, or my past for all its worth. I know nothing of my first family, and only that I killed my second. I have blood sisters. Dara, Razielle, and Dalethira. "


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              She was quite right though

              "No,Vega would still be my closest friend regardless. But I seek the knowledge of my past. For only in that knowledge can i possibly hope to forge ahead into the future."

              Ket smiled as he sipped that JD yet again.


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                Nodding her head in understanding. Athena looked over and at the little driod who beeped for an order of food. She looked over the menu, and frowned. Rama had changed the menu and she had yet to find something she liked.

                " Get me the Seafood salad and for Ket... well he can order all on his own. "

                She looked up and over at him.

                " Just not the grilled Ewok, it sick. "


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                  Ket chuckled lightly and looked over the menu.

                  "Let me have grilled bantha shishkabobs."

                  He looked to Athena,notcing they were alone,and pretty much having dinner,he had to ask her this,half jokingly,half seriously...

                  "Athena,i have a question for you...Would you conder this a first date of sorts? Considering we are ordering dinner and having a drink together,I wanted to just check..."

                  And there goes Ket,the shy guy he is with women,looking over a bit,avoiding eye contact. as evil as he is,he still gets shy with wonder he has been single all his life.


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                    Athena smiled as the driod left to get the orders. Then as she was looking to see who all was in Rama's that night, she heard Ket.

                    "Athena,i have a question for you...Would you conder this a first date of sorts? Considering we are ordering dinner and having a drink together,I wanted to just check..."

                    " Well Ket, Um sure why the hell not. Seeing how we are having dinner and drinks. And cause you were at My Table. "


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                      Ket smiled a bit as he looked to her.

                      "Well then,this is a good night indeed! And remember,no matter how many times you have sat here,and no matter how many times you do again,this was,and is my table."

                      Ket then got a bit lighthearted as he spoke...

                      "But for now,how about we consider it our table?"


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                        " Ket it's not my fault you left this table. It sat here for so long. Until I showed it love and compasion. Table Envy huh?? Its mine... Unless you are here and then we will have to share like a divorced couple. "


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                          Ket had to let out a laugh at that. He sipped his JD and then placed the glass down,begining to speak.

                          "So,tell me,What made you come to the Sith,exactly?"


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                            She took a drink of her wine and looked at Ket. She had thought everyone had heard this story already.

                            " Well, I was rasied in a darkside family. At the age of 16 I killed my father on the training grounds of our home. On Coruscant. And my mother who was sitting there watching. My anger was unstoppable then. Now although I can cntrol it until I get in a fight. "


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                              Ket nodded lightly.

                              "My parents were killed by a Sith Lord along with a Jedi Knight who failed to protect them. I was a Jedi Padawan once,but seeing how i wanted revenge so badly,I left of my own accord to become a Sith,so that i may freely extract that revenge some day,and not be shunned for it."