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    Seftian walked into the bar he had visited so long ago... he was no longer the hunter he used to be, and had little to look forward to in his life. Once a High Tusk of the Yaujta tribes, he was now nothing more than a horribly efficent killing machine. Viashino *******s.... he thought to himself, remembering how they swarmed his planet, taking it as if it were a speck of dust into a vacuum. He would start over again, and rebuild the tribes... but he would need funds first... he had to become a mercenery untill he had sufficant bounty...

    He walked to the bar counter, and ordered a JD. It was one of the only universal drinks, one of the few here that he knew atleast.

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    (shaved headed man sat at the bar with his battle scars showing and In back of his head there where visable stitches althougth the man only looked to be about 19 years old he looked like a seasoned warrior. as the man looked at Seftian)

    what brings one of your kind here?