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  • Once again.....

    Xazor walked into the small bar known as Rama's Corner. She did not look at the faces of the dark ones that she passed as she walked to the back of the bar. Sitting down at a table, she bathed herself in the shadows and watched those around her. She was treated badly every time she came here, but that would not stop her from coming. It was definatly not out of stupidity.....but out of love that she even stepped foot across the threashold. A small droid beeped as it stopped at her table. Unlike times before, she ordered a drink.

    I'll have a JD please......

    She said softly and then returned her gaze to the crowd. A Jedi dabbled in conversation here and there, but other than those few beacons of light.......the whole place was consumed in darkness. Her drink was brought to her and she sat back and took a sip of it. There was nothing in the drink..unlike her suspicions. She sighed slightly and continued to watch those around her from her place in the shadows.

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    <Syren glanced up from her seat and watched as an unknown woman made her way through Rama's and sat down, concealed within the shadows. Taking a sip of her own water, she could sense the bright aura radiating from the woman. Jedi. She sighed and remained quiet, knowing that since the woman did nothing to her, she didn't have to hold a grudge ... yet.>


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      " The light's in you."

      *As it's terrible, deep, hissing psychic voice wove it's way deep within her mind, the mere sound and presence of it in her thoughts cause Xazor to shiver, the hair standing up on the back of her neck. Slowly, she turned around, looking for the source of the telepathic message, but before she had managed to locate it, another one appeared inside her.*

      " Why are you here? Are you lost?"

      *Finally, Xazor locked onto the source, an easily extnguished voice deep inside her telling her she didn't want to see it. As she turned, the sensation of fear only grew. It was standing i between tables, seemingly staring at her. The sight of the creature was rather disturbing, what from it's eyes, blanked by a white glow, to it's arms, ending not in hands, but in transluscent blades that looked almost more ethereal than physical, to it's legs, backward jointed like those of the giant carnivorous bipedal lizards that could be found on the occassional planet around the galaxy*

      *As the girl sat there, trying to find words, it simply stood, waiting for a reply.


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        ::She looked at the jedi, obviously jedi, for a moment and returned to her drink. Why does a jedi come here unless they are looking for trouble. In a jedi bar peace was more approvable and respectable, but sith enjoyed stirring a fight and she could feel a few sith already starting to fire up.
        She hoped the jedi woman left before something happened, even with her hate for jedi.

        They should all die, but with honour in a battlefield not a bar full of drunk sith who like getting a kick out of jedi who was alone and outnumbered.

        Saying nothing she looked at the jedi again and shook her head, the male sith was already fired up to a high level and he was a good fighter.
        She considered telling the jedi to find elsewhere less hostile, but rejected the idea. It was a jedi and if the jedi wanted to come into a sith bar for no reason but for a drink, that was her choice. A small warning would do, but not as if the jedi would listen, besides the sith in her grinned.
        Glaring in annoyance she got up and moved nearer to get a better view::

        Watch your back jedi, a friendly warning when there are agrivated sith around. A dead jedi belongs on a battlefield, not a bar.


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          *keshia walked into the sith bar and looked around,finding xazor sh walked over to where she was but stopped when she saw a big monstrocity not to far away* what the hell is that?


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            Xazor looked right into the eyes of the beast that stood close to her table. She pushed all of her uncertainties aside and closed her eyes, thinking of something to say. She opened them and smiled upon the Sith.

            Would you like to join me?

            She asked the creature. She then heard the words of a woman in her mind......a warning to her. Xazor located the source immediatly and smiled slightly.

            Thank you for the warning, friend.....

            She knew that the woman was a Sith....but it was kind of her to at least offer Xazor a few words of warning. She shifted her eyes to the beast again and waited for him to speak.


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              *Entering the bar, he could easily feel the tension in the air. There was a presence here that really shouldnt be..... and it was not him this time. He scanned the bar until he found the source. He could sense that this radiant lady was a Jedi. He was a Sith, she was an enemy. But everyone deserves a chance... He slowly walked over to where the action is and stood to the left of SL Enoth..*

              "Good day to you m'lady. I do not know you, but I still have respect for all that live and you have a great amount of courage coming here today, that I applaude you and respect you for. But, as you probably already know it would not be wise to make a fuss, just fair warning before anything else gets started. Oh, and dont be preaching any of that light side junk to us either, none will be turned this day."

              *He bowed his head to the Jedi. But, stayed on the shoulder of SL Enoth. He would not yet leave until he felt his business here was done.*


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                I had no intention of preaching. I too do not know you, therefore, it would be unfair and unwise of me to make any assumptions of your character. I am simply here to have a drink, meet new people, and enjoy myself. I am not looking for trouble.......just wishing to peacefully present myself.......

                She looked at the table top for a moment and then back up at the stranger who had spoke kindly to her.

                Would you like to join me for a drink?

                She asked softly with a smile. She wanted no trouble.....she just wanted to relax. She could feel the tension in the air also, but wished for things to go back to normal. She was just a Jedi in a Sith was no different than when a Sith wandered into Yogs at the Jedi Base.....


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                  *Hearing the woman speak to him he took in all that was said to him. He nodded his head in acknowledgement.*

                  "It would be my pleasure, if your not planning any drastic moves or attempts I will glady have a drink with you..."

                  *He bows his head to SL Enoth as he slids into the seat and makes himself comfortable.*

                  "Forgive me for earlier, I felt it was appropriate to just inform, it was a little frank on my part. My name is Abydos Nighthawk, I am a Disciple here at the Empire. My Master is Dara Shadowtide. If you have any questions or anything, please feel free to ask. I will answer to the best of my abilities."

                  *He signals a droid to come over.*

                  "What brings you here fair Jedi? Wanting an adventure?"

                  *He orders a water from the droid and awaits her response.*


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                    Xazor smiled when he accepted her offer. She listened intently as he spoke.

                    Adventure? Not really looking for that.....just answers to a few questions I have. I am slowly learning though.... My name is Xazor Dawnstrider. Do not worry about what you said to me, it was taken well. I shall heed your words.

                    She looked around her for a moment and he spoke once again. She looked back at him and smiled gently.

                    It is a pleasure to meet you, Abydos. I am a padawan at the Greater Jedi Order. I train under my now adoptive father, Verse Dawnstrider.

                    She took a sip of her JD and set it back on the table top.

                    I do have one question for you, since you offered. You seem a little.......nicer......than most people in here. Why does your kind hate ones like me, just based on the fact that I am a Jedi?

                    She asked suddenly. It was a question that had been bothering her, and she thought is appropriate to ask this kind Sith fellow.


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                      "Probably because all you do is make pathetic attempts to preach about the 'Lightside', then **** us off."

                      <Syren mumbled this under her breath as she took another sip of her water. She couldn't but overhear the conversation, but remained silent.>


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                        *Listening to what she had to say. 'I do have one question for you, since you offered. You seem a little.......nicer......than most people in here. Why does your kind hate ones like me, just based on the fact that I am a Jedi?' *

                        "Nice to meet you Miss Dawnstrider."

                        *He bows his head to her in respect*

                        "Thats a big question, I may not be the best person to answer this, and you may find better answers elsewhere, but since I am here and I offered. I will tell you..."

                        *He sips his glass of water and places it back down on the table as he begins*

                        "I havent been a Sith for any large period of time, but I can tell you, we are sworn enemies to the Jedi, simply because they are a different belief system then us. You believe in Justice and Peace whereas we believe in.... well.... lets call it free enterprise. We dont so much hate you as a person, we just hate or dont agree for what you stand for. There are always two sides to every tale. To us you are the evil doers and 'bad-guys' and to you, we are the evil doers and 'bad-guys'... I believe the origins of us being your enemies goes back to the 'Fallen 13' who were Jedi but fell away and used their powers for different, and personally, better uses than that of the Jedi. Ever since then we have been in competition with each other to control the universe in some way.... I know you were expecting this type of response from a place like this, but I too would get the same if I entered the Greater Jedi Order. I dont know how much this has helped you, or if I have even answered the question. But, its information..."

                        *He sips from his glass again..*

                        "Oh! and in regards to me be nicer, thank you, I guess, you are a human, I am a human, I will treat you with some dignity and respect until you do me, or another, any wrong. But, do not let that deceive you. I do admit I have a kinder nature than others around these parts, but I am in no way nice when faced with an evil. I do, like all, including yourself, have a nasty side and am willing to unleash... but from the way things are going, I dont think you'll have to worry about that."

                        *He takes another sip from his drink and briefly scans the area around...*


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                          Xazor listened to every word that he said. It was a help to hear it from a Sith, why they hated her so. Now she finally understood. She smiled gently and took a sip of her JD before speaking.

                          Thank you for your help. Yes, it is good information, and now I can end my search for an answer to that question.

                          She nodded her head and then looked around as if thinking.

                          You have not been Sith for long? I was.......before I turned.........

                          She said, taking another sip of her drink. She held the icy glass in her hand for a moment before continuing. She saw the surprised look on his face and thought she should tell him of her past so that he would understand her better.

                          Yes, it is true......I too was a Sith........for almost all of my life. When I was just a baby I was taken from my parents and handed over to the Highest Lord and Master of the Sith Empire on the planet Cysaria. He was the emperor there.....and I became his "daughter". Most knew him as Sith Master Lord Kama....but I was only allowed to call him Master. He taught me in the ways of the darkside and I grew in it......loving it as I became a skilled Warrior.....then a Knight. I was sent to battle....often. Then one year...a great "honor" was bestowed upon me. I recieved this....

                          She pulled down the left shoulder of her cloak to reveal a tattoo on her left bicept. Most all Sith would recognize it she rarely showed it to anyone. Quickly she covered her arm and shifted her weight in the chair.

                          It is the Mark of the Most High......given to the one who was the best asset to the Empire......basically, it was given to the one who.....killed the most. I was a killer........I killed so much that it became second nature and it didn't bother me to slit the throat of an innocent by-stander...and then spit in his face as his body fell to the ground.

                          The words she spoke sent chills down her own spine as she mentally recalled everything that she had done.

                          One day, we raided a Jedi camp. I went around slewing Masters as they taught their students....but it didn't feel right. One of them looked into my eyes before I took his life and he spoke to me about the light. I know you probably don't want to hear about I'll skip that part. Anyway....I wanted to learn more about the Jedi, so I found some books at a library and studied. During a routine check of my living quarters, my Master found the books and he was waiting for me there when I returned from personal training that day. He knew where my heart had gone......and he threatened to kill me. He threw me to my knees and rose his saber above my head......then slashed it hard across my right bicept. He stormed out with only the words, "You shall always be aware of my presence and that of my kind....". That night, I flew off of Cysaria on his X-Wing Fighter. The Force led me to Yavin IV, where I became a Jedi. Those memories will always be with me, though. I will bare the scars.......they are a part of me. And the tattoo.....well, that was encrypted in my cannot be removed.

                          She said as she took another sip of her JD, nearly finishing it off. She steepled her fingers on the table as she looked intently at him, waiting for him to speak. She wanted to learn more about this Sith....there was just something different about him....


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                            *Being blown away that she was once a Sith.... he shifted in his seat... He sank into his seat and became very comfortable as she told her tale. Once she had finished there was a silence, the sound of the bar could be heard, drinks being poured, droids beeping, but this was not an awkward silence... it was a moment of truth. There was still tension in the air and the fact that she was an ex-sith maybe even made this situation worse, people may know her... it was time to end this... He slowly reached down into his cloak... Her eyes widen and she immeadiatly became more alert and upright in her chair, he stared directly into her eyes...*

                            "I am sorry, I can not let this go any further..."

                            *He quickly withdrew his hand from his cloak to reveal a deck of cards. She sunk down in her chair, relaxed once more...*

                            "There is too much tension here at the moment...... I must deplete it... so, for you; a card trick."

                            *He smiled, for he knew what he had just done, wasnt very nice, but it was a harmless little thing. He placed the deck on the table*

                            "Think of a card..... any card, do not tell me what the card is, just keep it in mind the whole time."

                            *She nodded her head in acknowledgement. He began shuffling the deck of cards, various different types of shuffling.*

                            "Well, since you told me about yourself, I will return the favour, I shall let you know about me.

                            *He splits the deck and places both parts on the table*

                            "Pick one of the two..."

                            *She picks the one on her right side. He begins to shuffle the selected side*

                            "I was born in Corellia, unlike most people here I grew up with my parents... although I was taken away from them at an early age. It wasnt really a bad thing, I was taken to a school for the gifted of the mind. I learnt there for about 13 years. I learnt many things, I learnt all about the universe and what was held in it."

                            *He starts laying out the cards one by one on the table face up*

                            "After about 13 years of this teaching your final 'assignment' so to speak, is to go out and explore the universe for yourself... So, for the past 8 years or so I have travelled far and wide."

                            *As he completes laying all the cards out he says:*

                            "Is your card here?"

                            *She nods and he once again picks up half of the cards on the table, he moves the others away and begins shuffling through this small section.*

                            "... I have encountered so many in my travels and learnt so much. I have met some Jedi in my time, nice folk, also some Sith, nice folk as well. I was never harmed by either. But whilst on a journey to the Outer Rims I was told about a woman, my current Master, Dara Shadowtide. I was told about her powers and how she was a Sith Master and that type of thing. Well, I was actually on my way home when this story was told, I sent a message to my old mentor and tutor telling him that I was going to find out more about the 'Sith' and their ways..."

                            *He lays the 21 cards out on the table, face down, in this formation, he places four in the upper left area, four in the bottom left, four in the upper right and four in the bottom right areas of the table, he then makes a line down the middle with the five remaining cards*

                            "...It was about this time I made my way to the 'Tides' as it has been called, that is where I met my new Master. She greeted me personally once I arrived... Pick a side of the line."

                            *She picks her left. He discards all those cards on her right including the middle line, he places the 8 remaining cards in the middle of the table, still in their groups of four.*

                            "... I told her about my interest and her powers... I ask her how I could harness these abilities and basically after some dialogue I was confronted with the question of becoming a Sith... Pick a group..."

                            *She picks her left, group... He discards the other group of cards and place the four card right in the middle of the table, in a line.*

                            "...Of course, I came to research the Sith and find out about their ways and I was confronted with the opportunity of a lifetime, to become a Sith myself... Pick two cards from the group..."

                            *She points to the two in the middle, he discards the outsiders and continues*

                            "...I said 'yes' and I made my way to the Empire. I have begun my training and am on my way to becoming an all powerful Sith...Pick one of the two cards.."

                            *She points to the one on her right, he removes the left one.*

                            "... Of course you know all about Sith Training, so we shall not go there... Is this your card?"

                            *He raises the card to her face, it is the Queen of Hearts...Her faces turns to a slight grin... she shakes her head and says 'No, its not.'*

                            "Darn.. I was never good with the card tricks... I am still wet behind the ears.... like everything else at the moment... seems like you are as well... if your not here for adventure... what are you here for?"

                            *He lowers the card and places the deck back in his pocket, he reaches for his drink and as he takes a swig of the water, stuck on the bottom of the glass is a card... Xazor swipes the card from the glass and looks at it in astonishment...*

                            "Your Card?"

                            *She nods...*

                            "Typical... the Joker."

                            *He smiles at her, his trick has worked, the tension has eased in the room, for the moment.*


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                              Xazor grins and lightly applauds Abydos.

                              That was great!

                              She said with excitement. She recalled everything that he had told her.....his story was quite interesting as well. If not for advernture, then why are you here? His question rang through her was difficult to answer, for she did not wish to sound foolish.

                              I am here because of this! What we are doing right now! You are Sith........I am Jedi, yet......we are getting along and loving it.......

                              She said, her eyes softening a bit. This is what she had been searching for, and because of him, she found it. This was the unltimate answer to her many could be done......peace......though, most do not choose that.

                              I want to thank you for being so kind to me. You are the kind that will make a good name for the Sith. It is other people who ruin it.....we have many like that at our Order also. We preach about goodness and non-aggressive ways......yet many have hostile hearts and are just as "bad" as the "bad-guys"...

                              She said quietly. She looked down at the deck of cards in his hand and quickly swiped them from him. With a grin, she began her own card trick.

                              Pick a card in your mind, and do not tell me what it is....okay, got one? Good.......

                              She shuffled the deck of cards and laid them on the table. Instructing him to seperate them, he did so and she then seperated those decks.

                              Pick two decks......

                              He picked two and she took them out of the equation. Combining the other two, she spread the remaining cards out.......about fifteen in total. She then looked at if pondering deeply. Suddenly, she gathered all of the cards together.....with the exception of one. Keeping it faced down on the table, she motioned for him to take it.

                              That's your card......and don't tell me it isn't.......

                              She said in a joking tone. He flipped it over to reveal a joker also......he grinned and nodded.

                              Awww, that isn't a real card trick.......I read your mind.

                              She confessed with a laugh. It definatly wasn't fair, for she had probed his thoughts.......but that was always a fun thing when playing with unsuspecting people......