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A Game of shots

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  • A Game of shots

    (blade walked into the bar and walked directly to the bartender and handed him a big bucket of credits. the bartender noded his head and went and sat down at a table. blade went into the back room of the bar and came out with a box full of shot glasses. blade began to lay them out on the bar there was to lines of Hundred glasses each when he was done. then blade grab the hardest liqueur he could find and began to poor the shots. after blade was done poring the shots he went and stood up on a nearby table and began to speak.)

    Before I blade Ice had come to this place I was an assassin which meant allot of traveling killing and such but not all my travels where business. In a bar in a small town on tatooine I came across an interesting drinking game.

    (blade paused to add suspense.)

    The game was called I'll kill you. the rules are simple.

    1. you need Two drinkers

    2. you need judges or bar patrons in this case to vote

    3. the drinkers need to be able to think quick and need interesting ways to kill a person.

    4. the judges vote on the most interesting of drinkers comments on how to kill the person. the loser takes a shot the first person to concede or pass out or drink all the shots loses. This Is a game for fun and none of it is to be taken seriously you just think up the most crazy and wierd way to kill the other drinker and state how you would do it.

    Do you all follow?

    (blade paused)

    I will be one of the drinkers now I need and opponent and at least on judge to vote. do I have any takers?