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A return to destiny.

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  • A return to destiny.

    Tarnak, a training apprentice in the Sith Arts, enters Rama's once more. This time, he comes alone. He left his word some days before that he would return to finish what he had begun, and so he had.

    His father, Lord Maim, had not been excited about the idea. However, at this time in his life, Tarnak cared little. He was growing in the Dark Force, and in his own life. He had his own goals and dreams, his own feelings.. his own attractions.

    His time was now to move for the things in life which he wanted. He had learned, from the death of many he knew, that life could be all to short. He would have to waste no time. He would have to grab onto what he wanted, and hold it for as long as he could.

    Now was the time to do just that.

    Through the darkness, he called in the Force.

    ~ Athena, I have returned. Come to me if you wish, I will wait. ~

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    The night wind blew cold and deathly out side the Empire walls. Athena was resting in her room. She shoulder wounds were almost healed and her knee was getting stronger.

    Laying down on her bed, her eyes closed she listend to some music. Then his voice gently flowed into her mind.

    ~ Athena, I have returned. Come to me if you wish, I will wait. ~

    Her eyes slowly opened and she then felt the presence of Tarak Somir. He was so much like his father it was funny.

    Athena got up from her nap and gripped her cloak. Putting it on as she departed from her quarters and towards Rama's.

    The night wind blew her hair about as she walked. Her hurried pace made it slightly obviouse she was meeting someone. Although she smiled and said hellos to the members she saw and knew. She walked up to the doors of Rama's and pushed them open via the force. She noticed him sitting at the bar. His back to the door.

    Then his voice rang out.

    " You came..."

    " Yes, I did. " Was all she said in reply.


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      Tarnak stood as she approached, pulling out a seat for her. His death black cloak pushed aside slightly, revealing black leather under fittings, and twin sabers hanging from his belt. The man looked happy, for once, and odd feeling for him.

      He smiled as she sat.

      "It is wonderful to see you once more. I thought perhaps I would be tortured to never see your beauty again before my time came."


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        Athena took the seat that Tarnak had pulled out for her. She smiled and looked at the man. He was good looking to say the least. Although she was not going to say anything. His words filled her ears and she blushed.

        " Tarnak, your words could melt the heart of a Wompa. "

        She laughed slightly and then looked at the bar to see if he had ordered a drink. Athena waved the Barkeep over and ordered a glass of water. After Lord Maim's recall of memories she was forever done drinking. Her second to last encounter was worst then her last. She was found in bed with his brother. And both were rather drunk at the time. She thought to herself. ~I was 18. So what!~...

        " A drink for the sir? "


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          Tarnak smiled once more, then refused the offered drink.

          "I never partake of fermented beverages. I find a sharp mind avoids easy trouble."

          "Now, when we last met, you were telling me about yourself, please.. continue."


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            She looked at him. And nodded her head. She sent the barkeep away with only the order of a glass of water.

            " I do belive I was done telling the story of me. Although I would love to hear about you. "

            She crossed her legs and pulled her cloak around her legs, so her knee and brace were not showing.


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              Tarnak knew she was mistaken, but shook his head with a laugh and began.

              "I was born on Korriban, in the temple of my Father. I have been trained from birth to be a killer. My mother was a Sith ***** who died at my birth. Other than that, my life has been of no consequence."


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                She looked at him puzzled.

                " Thats it? Nothing else? I think the only thing I didn't tell you is how I ****** off your father, and who my apprentices are. There has to be more to your life then a few sentences. "

                The barkeep walked passed and set her glass of water on the table top. Athena nodded and waved the man away.


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                  Tarnak shook his head.

                  "Not yet."

                  He grinned.

                  "However, I am looking to change that."


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                    She looked at him most interested.

                    " Ooh and what all are you looking to change? "

                    Athena took a sip of her water and palced it back on the bartop.


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                      Tarnak wondered how to answer a moment, then decided that honesty is best.

                      "My relationship status."


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                        " Ooh you seek the companionship of someone. Tell me her qualifications? What do you seek in her? "

                        She smiled and asked the needless questions anyways. She had always loved to toy with men. And see how each one would answer. She never did it to annoy them, although she was known for it too.


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                          "Well, as long as she is exactly like you, I believe that would be about right."


                          That is what he was being. Perhaps it was foolish, but right now, he was flying by the seat of his pants.


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                            She just looked at him.

                            " you know nothing of me. Are you sure you want someone as arrogant and annoying? I don't take anyones crap. "


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                              "Good, either do I."

                              Tarnak looked her over once more, then pretended to think it over.

                              "And yes, I am sure."