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  • Watch them flee

    As it always was, the crowd shifted as Vega did. If he moved about in the bar, the space around him would move also. It was as if he had his own aura of personal space that was not intruded into by anyone. Only close friends of his would tend to approach him, as it seemed - in his mind - he wasn't a very approachable person. Maybe this was just his opinion, maybe not. He didn't care. As long as those who counted didn't totally avoid him, he was happy.

    He hummed a quiet tune to himself as he sat, eyes closed, relaxing at his table.

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    ' Well if it aint the old blonde headed Lord of Beer' i said standing dirently to his right side.

    ' care if i join you?


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      "Make yourself at home, Kasstra."

      Vega pushed out a chair with the Force and gestured for his good friend to sit.


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        ' So, hows it going with Lana know?...i aint' seen her with you for a while.' i said knowing the answers already from the looking in his eyes when i said her name.

        I sat down and orderd a coke from the bot.


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          Vega nodded slightly and chuckled.

          "Why don't you find her and ask her? I think she's socializing with Daegal now ... no concern of mine."

          Vega picked up the drink he had on the table infront of him and took a sip.

          "Athena, now she is someone to be thought on," he said with a grin.


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            ' Deagle?..' i said confused...

            ' I dont think i thought i would see the day when Lna was with him' i said sipping the coke from the cool glass

            ' Athea?...well i dunno mabey, dont know if shes right for you...but im no expert.. i have had no Girl in about a year so...i guess ive lost the touch'


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              "It seems like I've been with just about everyone else here, Sieken."

              He said with a slight laugh. Truthfully it pained him that he was so incompatable, but he covered it with a smile.

              "What about that girl I have seen you with here before, hmm? The brunette."


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                a small grumble escaped my lips.

                ' You mean Aura?...she dont like me..i was her wing commander while i was a NR Pilot before i was a NR Commando...she hated me'


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                  "From what I've seen she seems to have taken a liking to you," Vega rose one eyebrow, smiling thinly.

                  He could see Sieken wasn't in the mood, so retreated from the topic.

                  "Mmm.. well then - how goes your training with Laran?"


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                    well right now..not so good we have hardly started so....we will needto wait and see.....and is she?


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                      "I have not trained with her in some time... since we learnt force lightning, infact. Though I imagine she is very busy with her other apprentices."


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                        ' I thought lord status was a training rank? he said sipping the coke.


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                          "Myself, Lord Varlon and Lord Raine trained with her a month or so ago .. there is no need to do so again so soon."


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                            Athena smiled as she saw the two Sith sitting and talking at a near table. She grabbed her drink and headed towards their table. Once reaching it she smiled.

                            " Evening boys. Mind if I crash such a romantic setting? "