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  • A seat for one.

    The Sith Knight was let go from the Med Bay with a Stern warrning. The med driods had even told Master Shadowtide that if Athena was to return to her fighting, that she would surely be killed.

    Her body had taken a beating from her last few fights. Athena took a seat alone in the darkness. She didn't even order a glass of red wine like normal. Nothing would really break her mood. She sat there with her cloak pulled up and over her face.

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    A darkness crept it's way of Rama's, a shadow like no other. It strode with confident steps through the threshold, discarding patrons with a swift gesture of the hand as it pleased. On occasion, a body would topple at it's feet, yet it simply stepped over the fallen shells, intent on its destination.

    From behind Athena, a force presence ebbed. A hand fell to rest upon her, tracing lightly down the fabric of her cloak before squeezing softly at her shoulder.

    "My, my. Aren't we glum tonight."


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      She was not in the best of her moods and didnt fell the Sith Lord near her. When his hand touched her shoulder she about jumped.

      " humm, Ohh hey Vega. Yeah...Not used to being told not to fight ya know. Care to join me? "


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        He chuckled somewhat beneath his breath as Athena jumped, startled by his appearance. Accepting her offer to join, he sat down at the table across from her, quirking one eyebrow slightly.

        "And not being able to fight has sourred you ... there will be many other times to pummel that fool Dawnstrider and his precious little daughter into pulp, Athena. Do not let it get you down."


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          She smiled as he took her offer of a seat.

          " Its not just against him, the meds said not against anyone for a while. A long while. Care for a drink? "


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            "A long while, how long?"

            Vega thought on it - he'd hate to be out of action, especially for a long period; he felt sympathy towards his friend at this point.

            "...Oh yes, a drink would be excellent."

            Vega rose one hand and snapped his fingers, calling over a tender.

            "What to get ... something to cheer us up, eh?"


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              She smiled, he had aways taken control of the area when he was here. She watched the tender surry around to get some kind of drink.

              " The meds think atleast a month. Minumum, it could be longer. Those blades did some mean damage. "


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                "Then revenge will be all the sweeter when you get it."

                Within a moment the droid had returned. On it's tray was sat a thin necked bottle of red wine, a few bottles of JD and some other unlabelled drinks. Vega smirked at the array and lifted them all, with the force, onto the table. The droid scurried away back to the bar, then, with it's payment.

                "Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say."


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                  Athena took a glass from the assortment of drinks. And then lifted the bottle of red wine. She really should stop her habit of drinking but not tonight. Athena watched in amusment as Vega liftd each bottle and smelled the contents. Then he grabed his normal bottle of JD and took a drink.

                  " Finally found the right one huh? And as for fighting, its the only thing I ever really do. My apprenitce's seem to come then vanish as fast as she returns. "

                  Athena just looked down at the table. She had taken on more then she should have in her last fight.

                  " Although I was happy that you and Eve where there. Thankfully neither had to get hurt as well. "


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                    Vega poured out a draught of JD into a small glass, looking up at Athena as he did so.

                    "Well ... if you, in your time of not being able to fight and in any other time for that matter, need some company to pass away the time, you know where to find me."

                    He lifted his drink to his lips and took a sip, savouring the warmth that the drink brought to his insides.


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                      She almost busted out laughing.

                      " Yeah right here in Rama's. "

                      Athena took a drink of her wine. She then moved her shoulders as they had become stiff from just sitting. THe sabers of Verse, had really done some damage. She knew she was going to lose some of her power from her shoulders for a while.

                      " Vega what am I going to do with out fighting? "


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                        "I can think of quite a few things."

                        Vega paused for a semi-dramatic effect, grinning flirtatiously as he did so.

                        "... Take sabacc, for instance!"

                        He held back a laugh.

                        "Or perhaps some other interesting card game!"


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                          " Sabacc, "

                          Her dear friend Hera had once taught her how to play that game. Athena didn't do to well at it.

                          " I could give that a whirl again. Or I can be like our Master, swimming in paper work, watching the Disciples. Make sure things are going good. I can talk to the new recrut's, Bug you. "

                          She returned his smile and took a sip of her wine.


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                            Raising his small glass, he refilled it and took another sip of the fragrant liquid.

                            "My dear friend Athena, I doubt you could bug me even if you tried."


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                              " that we dont know my darling Vega, For I normally am only here before and after I fight. Now that I am going to be here a bit more. I just might annoy you to no ends. "

                              She looked at the glass he was drinking from. JD realy turned her stomach the wrong way.

                              " How can you drink that? "