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  • Observations

    Salemn pushed the doors to Rama's open and slowly stepped inside, peering around cautiously. The odor of the bar instantly hit her, foul air coursing through the place. Wrinkling her nose in disdain, she glanced back at Nash, who only nodded encouragingly at her. She sighed slightly and started to walk through Rama's slowly. Several heads turned to watch as she and the Jedi Knight, Nash Stolar, went past their tables. Trash - pure and rotten filth, they are, consumed by greed for money and power... Poor dears, why can't they see that the Light doesn't betray or kill, but instead serve and protect?

    She sighed as she sat down at a small, secluded booth; a place that served well for observation. Watching as Nash took his seat, Salemn looked down at her plain, brown dress with the white collar. To even finish it off, she had a small cap that fitted snugly over her head. The young girl's big, brown eyes looked over at the conversing Sith, and waited for Nash to begin her lesson..

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    *After he sat down he looked around.. A few faces now were still watching them.. The rest went back to what they were doing.. Nash had gotten used to the smell a long time ago.. But it still had quite a kick to anyone who came.. He looked over at his padawan and smiled.*

    "Its old but it works.... Keep friends close and enemies closer."

    *He gazed around the bar once more*

    "So.. tell me.. What do you see?"


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      I see people, dreary and exhausted who come here for a drink... But I also "see" hatred and anger radiating from their dark souls..

      She spoke to Nash through the Force, being that it was the only way she could communicate; another disadvantage of being mute.


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        *"I see the Past." Oh, how he wanted to say that when he overheard Nash speaking to the other. Nash, a Jedi who was a Padawan back when Snack was a Knight of their Order... it had been way to long since the two saw each other.

        He smirked, watching from his booth with great interest.*


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          *He nodded slightly*

          "Yes.. But there is a very fine line between the Jedi and Sith.. Mostly hate and desires. In due time you will find how hard it is not to cross the line. Or peer over it to see the other side... But ask any of the sith that were once jedi and most of them will say the same thing.. They would go back if they could.. Because the dark slowly rips away at your insides. Until you can't take it anymore or just become pure beast losing all touch with reality."

          *Nash then felt some one watching him.. but it was different.. like he had some how knew him.. He brushed off the feeling.. remembering he was in a sith bar.. and most of them did watch as a jedi entered.*


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            Athena heard Lord Snack as he answered that he saw the past.

            " I see Play toys! "


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              Salemn nodded slightly at Nash's wise words, absorbing what he had said. It was interesting, really - the Siths' tribal ways. Sighing slightly, she leaned back, only to have her eye twitch. Her ears had picked up a femimine voice, claiming that she saw play toys. How dare she ridicule Nash's question... Does she have no respect? Suddenly she laughed quietly at her thoughts. Of course she didn't; after all, it was obvious that they were the Siths' worst enemies, Jedis.


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                *Nash cought his padawan with a slight look to make her stop, He easly could tell what she was doing*

                "Salemn.. Making jokes may be fun but there is no point to it.. It does not help the battle and you are not a small child."


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                  I wasn't trying to make jokes about the Lady Sith over there, Sir ..

                  The 11 year old girl sighed and clasped her hands together in her lap as she looked down.


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                    Xavier walks into Rama's and glances around, narrowing his eyes at the two Jedi. He sniffs the air slightly and walks up beside Athena.

                    "Something.. stinks in here..."


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                      *He found himself being to hard on her.. He smiled and chuckled slighty.*

                      "Okay... Well now that were here lets get something.. Its been a long time.. I forgot what they have to serve here.."


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                        Uhm ... Something edible ?

                        Salemn smiled slightly, trying to ignore the comments that were being made.


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                          "I don't think they would try to serve us any edible food.. Maybe we should stick with a drink."

                          *He said.. Also ignoring the sith comments..*


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                            Alright, a drink it is.. What are you going to have?

                            She asked him curiously.


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                              *Smirking at Athena's remark, the Lord stood from his booth, and made his way up to the bar. He took his place next to Nash, nodding to him, then calling the barkeep over to them.*

                              Water for me. And whatever these two are having, put it on my tab.