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    Lana traced her index finger idly around the rim of her wine glass. Her eyes, lifeless, were glued to the contents inside: a bloody red and thin liquid better known as Red Wine. Distant... She always found her thoughts dwelling on her distant past. But unlike before, where the memories pained her heart, they enlightened her. Drove her to carry on, if you will.
    Her eyes glittered crimson in unison of the liquid before her, and a silent sigh escaped her lips as Lana made the first attempt tonight to make her presence in the back of Rama's bar known.

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    "Decided to show your face finally, I see."

    A rather gruff yet accentuated voice spoke from behind Lana - she knew who it was immeadiately. Turning, she saw the grinning face of Vega looking down at her.


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      Sure enough, Lana eased on being so serious and smiled to Vega.
      "That I did. Care to sit and chat a while, Vega?"
      She motioned to the vacant chair across from her as she allowed for her hand to drop beside her glass. Delicately, no doubt, for she didn't want to be cleaning up a mess should her wine have spilled.


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        He pushed the chair outwards slightly with the Force, lifting it so that it was position just a little way from Lanas. The Lupine Sith sat down into the seat, reclining comfortably as he smield across at the Disciple.

        "So then Lana ... how is the world keeping you? Well, I trust?"


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          She nodded slowly, eyeing her glass again.
          "Yes, very well and very busy also. What about you?"


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            "Mm, same old state of affairs."

            Vega ruffled the hair on the back of his neck lightly as he yawned somewhat, closing his eyes.

            "I wish I could say life was entertaining, but it just seems drab."


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              She frowned slightly, shifting in her chair. Lana's head tilted to the side, questioning, as she folded her arms on the table.
              "How so?"


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                "Nothing ever changes ... every day I do the same thing. My life is an endless repeating cycle of destruction and failure."

                He paused, opening his eyes again.

                "That's why."


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                  She blinked a few times, allowing silence to settle. Doing the same thing everyday...
                  Lana silently asked herself, 'Why?' Why would he wanna do the same thing over and over again until he got so bored of it...?
                  "Well... You could try not doing the same thing everyday."
                  She grinned, goofing, and sat back casually in her chair again. Attempting to lighten the mood...
                  Way to be.


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                    "It's my job .. I can't exactly defer from it, now can I?"

                    Vega smiled slightly, lopsidedly.

                    "Plus, I really don't have anything else to do anyway."


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                      "Oh... No, I suppose you're right."

                      What he said made sense. Like Vega, Lana had decided to devote her time and skills to the Sith Empire. Training, sparring... everything. It was now her job, too. Whatever would make the Empire stronger, greater than those Jedi...--
                      She shuddered at the thought of those 'Jedi...'

                      "Well... There's always Rama's. I doubt there's a repeat day here, and if so, I'm asking for my credits back..."

                      Lana made a silly face, sticking out her tongue, then giggled shortly afterwards.


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                        He smiled more widely at the childish qualities in Lana.

                        "The same old faces every day, Lana ... "

                        He sighed a bit and idly drew circles with his finger tips on the table before him.

                        "I know that I would never leave, ever .. I could not desert my Master. But sometimes I wish..."

                        He cut himself short and shook his head.

                        "Nevermind, it doesn't matter."


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                          "What is it? Not to seem like I'm prying or anything... Because I'm not...! But... I believe that you have a voice to speak your mind with, right? Um..."
                          Her eyes looked down to the table, to his fingers that traced the same circles upon it... Over and over...
                          She shook her head, the trance coming to a quick ending.


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                            He shook his head lightly, shrugging a bit.

                            "It's nothing, Lana. I think all the fighting I've been doing is getting to my head, that's all."

                            He stifled a laugh.

                            "Anyway, enough of me unloading my emotional garbage onto you. Anything new going on with you?"


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                              Lana tried to remember the last time they spoke. It seemed like forever... Perhaps she was tired the last time they spoke. Vaguely, she remembered something, and calculated any new details from there.
                              "Well... Training has been well, socializing, well... that comes easy for me. Don't ask why..."
                              Her eyes narrowed in thought, but she came up with nothing else.
                              "--Yeah, that's all, about. What about you?"